Wednesday, 2 June 2010

How to survive the Euro 2016

It's the Euros2016. Four weeks of football, success and failures, who's to blame and did The England Manager make the right choices.

So here is what is going to happen over the upcoming weeks and a survival guide.

1. No amount of moaning about it will make it stop. You'll only stress yourself out.

2. Your normal television viewing will be interuppted, it will annoy you, but you can't do
anything about it.

3. Everyone will be talking about the it TV, papers, family, friends, colleagues, social
network sites, apart from not going out and staying off line, there is nothing you can do
about it.

How to get through the month of June and beyond.

1. Try and show some interest after all there won't be an awful lot else going on.
2. Don't even try and reach for the remote and don't expect that you get it back once the ref
blows his whistle, the match analysis is just as important and yes watching the replay of all
the goals is equally as important.
3. Keep the fridge full of drink and the cupboards stocked with snacks. It'll save you getting
disturbed and being sent out for supplies.
4. Do not mock your Other Half when watching and don't pull faces at their
mates when they come over to watch the games.
5. DO NOT, EVER say 'it's only a game' this is grounds for a divorce.
6. Your Other Half would rather be left in peace to watch the matches. They will only talk to
you during the adverts so don't view it as spending time together.
7. Don't expect the rules to be explained to you more than once and if your Other Half tries to
tell you them, look interested and ask no more than 2 questions.
(see previous post 'off side' rule)
8. Football is a game of opinion and if you don't know what your talking about keep your
opinion to yourself.
9. Keep positive, use this time to spoil yourself, catch up with family and friends, read those
books and tweet without being nagged.
10. During matches remember this is probably the best time to go shopping, as hardly anyone
will be out.

Oh and finally, don't expect any sympathy and understanding to your needs as I will be avidly watching Euro2016 and will be tweeting in earnest. This is my pay back for all the #BGT, #DOI, #CDWM, #Imaceleb #BB tweets every week.

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  1. Great post, also don't do what my friend did back in Euro '96 and ask very loudly in a packed pub 'what colour are we playing in'.