Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Sunday Photo Week 122 H is for Holiday

I'm not actually on holiday, despite the photo of the Burj Al Arab, a holiday destination, where I'm currently sitting, drinking coffee, only 3 miles down the road from where I live.

I've travelled 23,000+ miles since March 27th from Dubai to the UK, back to Dubai, to Hong Kong, back to Dubai, the UK and finally reaching home in Dubai on Friday morning.

Child 3/5 and his girlfriend are visiting for a week and I've decided I'm not going to get anything done while they're here so I'm treating this week as a holiday, staying in one place, chilling out and relaxing.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

One Daily Positive - Week 17 Back home but still on holiday

I arrived back in Dubai on Friday morning, my son and his girlfriend arrived a couple of hours before me and are here until next weekend. It's nice to be home and know I'm going to be in one place for a few weeks, before I return to the UK in 8 weeks on an open ticket to sort my son, child 5/5 out when he finishes school in July.

I'm just switching my brain off for a few days, catch up with blogging, join in on a few days out and make the most of not having to get back to the real world of job hunting and housework and being on my own.

113 Sunday. Nature. A coffee with friends in the morning and then I took my son back to school for his last ever term, mixed emotions for me a) for saying goodbye b) for my days as a school mum coming to an end. I called in on a friend on the way home.

 114 Monday. Relax. Spent the morning rearranging the flat and getting some washing done before heading over to Malvern to meet a friend for a coffee and another friend for dinner.

 115 Tuesday. Sun. A visit to the Ross on Wye in the morning to drop a gift with a friend and over to the Forest of Dean to see my ex SIL and child 2/5.

116 Wednesday. Stripes. Today's photo prompt doesn't fit. I went to visit child 1/5 over lunch time and then met Sarah, a fellow 365'er

117 Thursday. Moon. An early start at 5am as I dropped my Nephew in law to Abgergavenny hospital  where was niece was booked for a C section, ready for the birth of their 3 child. I then cleaned and tidied the flat and packed and headed off to Birmingham airport for my flight home.

118 Friday. Red. I arrived home at 7am. Child 3/5 was already here. I grabbed a couple of hours sleep before we headed off to the beach, dinner out and a walk along the canal, calling in at the pub on route.

119 Saturday. Spirit(ual) I've given up on trying to get anything done during the coming week.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Woodland walk in the Forest of Dean with Animal Tales

There are no photo's of birds in this post because the 2 men in the hide with their massive cameras were occupying the available space and made it quite clear they were not tolerating amateurs, with a camera and lens that could fit into an over sized coat pocket. However I worked my way onto to the bench and to the open window and sat for a few minutes, just to wind them up.

I'm really hoping that we can back to the UK with Bob while he can still enjoy life. We adopted him in South Africa and he now lives with us in Dubai. I'd love him to experience the freedom of woodland walks, something he never does in Dubai and in South Africa, they were infrequent due to personal safety and snakes etc.

This must be the noisiest door in the world, no wonder the twitchers/birders/photographers weren't happy with my arrival.

My question is what do you do if the bat comes home when you want to leave the hide?

We lived in the Forest of Dean for 8 years and I've never stopped off at The Nagshead Reserve, although I have visited most other places and I plan to spend more time in this area when I'm back in the summer. Maybe you could join me for a walk, picnic or coffee.

Monday, 24 April 2017

My Sunday Photo Week 121 B is for Boarding School

I've tried several times to write how I feel about taking my son back to boarding school this afternoon for his last ever term and my last term as a school mum, but I'm struggling to put how I feel in words, so I'll just leave you with this photo of his school instead.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

One Daily Positive Week 16 - A whole week in the UK and lots of goodbyes.

So I've managed to spend a whole week in one place, our flat in South Wales, however it's a 1 bed flat and I've been sharing it with 2 other adults. Peter, who flew back to Dubai on Friday and child 5 of 5 now 18, who returns to school on Sunday afternoon.

We finally assembled the last few pieces of furniture Friday night, but I need to contact Argos and ask them what they are playing at? The table and chairs are wonky and the coffee table came pre-scratched.

I'm also struggling with internet access and EE has been down Friday and Saturday in my area, so I'm moving from pub to coffee shop to access the internet.

We've managed to visit almost everyone this week, there's a few family members and some friends who only get in touch when we're in the UK and then expect us to juggle our time to fit in around them, our attitude now is unless we have contact via Social Media or email during the rest of the year, then if they want to see us, they can come to where we're staying. We never seem to get to rest on our UK travels.

I said Goodbye to child 4 on Wednesday night, I may not see him again until February/March next year, I'm hopeful I can get to Northern Ireland in July to see him before he goes off on tour.

Sunday 106 Eggs - We forgot that everywhere was shut Easter Sunday and ended up driving to Newport for coffee, followed by a walk around Abergavenny before cooking a full roast then a visit to family for the evening.

Monday 107 Children - Child 4 of 5 took me to watch Birmingham City lose, it was that bad that as well as the chants of Zola Out, I even joined in with the away fans chants of 'you couldn't score in a brothel'

Tuesday 108 New - a day out with children 1, 4 & 5 to Gloucester to buy the last few bits and pieces we needed for the flat. I wanted a chicken door stop, but Mr Pug caught my eye and he does a fine job.

Wednesday 109 Green - a chilled morning, chippy lunch by the river and the afternoon spent walking with friends and their dogs in the countryside. The evening was spent with different friends and children 4 & 5.

Thursday 110 Happy - a full day out with child 2 and 2a (the girlfriend) to visit MIL across the bridge and off to Street for the menfolk to do some shopping. We called in at my parents on the way home for Peter to say goodbye.

Friday 111 Chocolate - Our 6 year old niece joined us to take Peter airport, we played i spy and after helping Peter navigate to the airport by reading the signs and at check in, We ended up waiting 3 hours for the car hire to be ready, we explored the airport, watched the planes take off and land and did loads of colouring in. In the evening child 5/5 assembled the table and chairs.

Saturday 112 Creation - a day of coffee shops, pubs and hanging out the window to get phone reception and 3G, a visit to a car boot sale with my parents and then shopping in town, before spending the evening with my niece and playing in the park.

On the blog this week:

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