Thursday, 8 December 2016

Miracle Gardens and the Airbus A380 with HDYGG?

My mother is visiting and as a keen gardener I decided to take her to see the Miracle Gardens. While she loved every minute of it, I was less than impressed on this trip and I very much doubt I'll be going there again.
While it is a lovely place to visit and the flowers themselves are gorgeous and the aroma hits you the second you walk through the gate, I can't help but feel that it is missing out on being something altogether better.

This years display centres around a full size Airbus A380 made of flowers. I expected to see just that, however on arrival it turns out to be a full size plane, covered with flowers in pots.

I took a few photos as we walked to the restaurant area where I sat and did some work for school and left my mother to wander around by herself, I just didn't feel inspired.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Animal Tales and the cat has lost it's spot again

My mother is visiting, the cat and dog are happy to have her around as it means there is someone at home all day while Peter and I are in work.

There are strict instructions NOT to feed them, even though both of them will bother you until you do.

My mother is managing to ignore the cat's demands, however it keeps turning up randomly around the house and making her jump, like the bathroom.

Her resolve with the dog hasn't been as good and the dog has been 'sharing' yogurts and cheese sandwiches.

The cat and dog have their own bedroom, yes I know it's a luxury, but Peter and I live in a 4 bed house, so why trip over them all day and besides the cat has a habit of knocking on the bedroom door for attention during the night so we shut them both in their room so not to disturb our sleep.

The cat's sleeping place of the coffee table has been taken over by my mum, so we're back looking for her spot again, she's currently favouring random boxes and is back to demanding cupboard doors are left open for her to choose from.

I haven't seen our stray cat for a few days, I'm assuming it's found a house where someone will feed it, it's very friendly and has probably been a pet at sometime, if I see it again I may take it for a microchip check. Normally if it's lost there are posters around and I belong to several online animal groups, I'm assuming it was dumped.

With National Day over and Christmas on the way, the UAE is out in full force with their decorations, which include lots of animals. The Falcon is the national bird of the UAE and there are several light up ones at The Mall of Emirates.

 My Mother loves her gardening so we visited Dubai Miracle Gardens

And of course no trip to Dubai is complete without a visit to Dubai Mall to see the aquarium, we won't however be visiting this one as you can see so much from the outside, but we'll be going to the one at The Atlantis on the Palm for an afternoon as I've not visited there yet.

Christmas is shaping up in our house, and while not technically real animals, it does involve some Panda's this year as my alternative to 'Elf on a shelf'

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Week 101 - My Sunday Photo

I forgot to link up with Darren last week, for my 100th consecutive post for My Sunday Photo. *insert sad face*

This week the UAE celebrated their 45th National Day, making them the same age as me.....tah dah. Such an honour to share the anniversary of birth in such style.

The whole of Dubai has been lit with the colours of the UAE flag and ended with a fantastic fire work display at The Beach at Jumeriah Beach Resort on Friday evening.

I couldn't choose just one photo for today's linky as I had too many favourites so here's a selection of the best ones I took over the weekend.

Dubai Water Canal and the waterfall off the Sheikh Zayed Road.

City Walk

Firework display at The Beach

The waterfall inside Dubai Mall

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Week 48 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

A few days without visitors, for as from Wednesday we are full up till January 10th 2017.
Been waiting for my Mother to arrive to start Christmas and for the UAE National Day Celebrations to end to show her what Dubai offers over the Christmas period.

Having arrived on Wednesday morning and me being granted early leave from work, we visited the Creek and took an Abra over to the Gold Souk and took a walk along the Dubai Water Canal, before Mother admitted defeat and said 'STOP' I need to teach her a few Arabic words starting with 'Khalas' which means 'enough'

Thursday we went into the desert with Bob, popped into the Garden Centre and the Oasis Mall.

Friday to Mall of the Emirates and then Dubai Marina and The Beach at JBR for dinner and to watch the firework display.

Saturday was a trip to Dubai Mall for a quick run round to see the Burj Khalifa, the aquarium, some shopping and of course coffee and cake.

My mother says Dubai is noisy, looks like Gothom City and is bling on steroids. She is however loving every minute of her visit and is looking forward to both Peter and I being in work tomorrow so she can just rest and take time to gather her thoughts before her head explodes, we've only shown her a small fraction of what is yet to come.

Sunday Day 332 Abandoned places.
My sewing room where I've been attempting to make beds for rescued dogs, feel slightly better for dropping off a box of towels, 2 beds, a carrier and several blankets to Doggies Palace on behalf of DAWS. Mother will be sewing for me during the week while I'm working.

Monday Day 333 Outdoors
Afternoon tea on the way home from work with a friend, fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa from Fortnum and Mason, stayed until sunset to watch the fountains and LED display. Will be taking the mother here of course.

Tuesday Day 334 Mythical Creatures.
My troll collection from when I was a teenager.

Wednesday Day 335 Dark.
They don't do dark in Dubai. Waterfall off Sheik Zayed Road lit up in the colours of the UAE flag for National Day on the newly opened Dubai Water Canal.

Thursday Day 336 Art.
More lights, more colours from the UAE flag.

Friday Day 337 Lunchtime. 
A show to explain the 45th National Day for the UAE.

Saturday Day 338 Happy.
So enjoyed this morning and the cooler weather that the fog brought us, although it is slightly scary when you can't see the Burj Khalifa from anywhere, slight feeling of doom and Armageddon kicks in.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Elf on a shelf? No, it's Panda's on the Veranda

Last year I did an alternative to the 12 Days of Christmas.

Time for something different this year.

Are you ready for this?

Everyone is doing Elf on a shelf.

This year i bring you......


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