Saturday, 21 May 2022

Week 20 One Daily Positive and Project 365 - Migraine

A good start to the week, lots of things planned. I could smell strawberries on Sunday and on Monday my head felt a bit funny, by Tuesday I was sensitive to light and noise and Wednesday my head was hurting. i took my usual dose of medication over Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but the migraine came. I have an appointment next week with the GP to discuss the beta blockers as they obviously aren't working any more.

134 Saturday We went to a boot sale to buy some bedding plants, then onto Worcester on a failed craft trip but successfully bought 6 Bougainvillea shrubs for hedge planting. I then went into town in the afternoon to purchase the material and party supplies. I weeded the pots and planted out my seedlings, planted a hanging basket and had a general tidy.

135 Sunday Peter set off early to play golf for the day getting home at 5pm for dinner. He dropped me and Bob off about 2 miles from home and we walked back via a coffee stop. I finished lining the kitchen cupboards, did the ironing, made some birthday cards and decorations.

136 Monday up early and Peter dropped me at the pool. I started with 20 lengths and adding 2 extra lengths each time I swim, so 24 lengths today. Walked into work and got a lift home. I spent the evening at the neighbours as the little one fell and bumped her head.

137 Tuesday After work I went to my first crochet lesson. They were originally booked for March 2020. Peter cooks every evening.

138 Wednesday Peter took the cat for her annual injections. I came home from work early with an upset stomach and vomiting.

139 Thursday Off work and not feeling well, had a really bad migraine, day spent in bed, no concept of time. School alarm going off all night. Bob kept a close eye on me.

140 Friday Called GP first thing, he called back midday with advise to take 1200mg of Ibuprofen followed by next dose of 900mg aspirin. Day passed in a blur other than constant car doors slamming from 3.20pm till 8pm with the school disco. Video call with both the grandchildren.

On the blog this week:

We've finally got our Sinopharm vaccines from Dubai on the NHS app.

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Friday, 20 May 2022

Post Comment Love 20th - 22nd May 2022

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. We're hurtling towards the middle of the year and my next birthday. I don't know whether to start counting backwards or just celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 21st birthday, what do you think?

We've finally got our Sinopharm covid vaccines on the NHS app which will make travel to Australia this summer much easier for us. 

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Getting foreign vaccinations on the NHS app. Covid 19. Sinopharm.

I was vaccinated in Dubai in January 2021, just 3 weeks apart between the jabs. I chose to have the Sinopharm vaccine as it was the only one on offer and with me travelling back and forth to Dubai I was concerned that it could become a condition of travel to enter the UAE and I wasn't being offered the vaccine in the UK until March/April 2021 and the second dose date at that time was unknown.

In October 2021 the Dubai Health Authority recommend a booster dose of Pfizer and again 3 months later.

We registered our vaccines with our GP on our return to the UK, but they could not be coded onto the NHS. Our GP wrote a letter to confirm they were genuine in case we needed to travelEndless phone calls and emails yielded nothing. Our GP agreed to the booster and recorded it as a booster, he had to over ride the system to do so. We received a call from the NHS team to ask us why we had a booster without the first 2 vaccines, we explained but nothing came of it.

When we had our second booster the NHS were registering vaccinations administered in Europe and certain vaccines in approved countries, but not the UAE. I was also working at the NHS vaccination centre in Worcester so was able to find out this information a lot easier. Our second dose was recorded as our first dose. No call from the NHS at that time.

We had been advised to return in a further 3 months for another vaccination which technically would be a booster and told to have the half dose Moderna as our Sinopharm vaccine was over a year old. We booked through the NHS and were informed we needed to rebook an Overseas appointment and return with our Sinopharm papers to have them put onto the app as long as they were the Beijing vaccines, which they were.

We're travelling to Australia this summer to visit our middle son after 3 years and whilst I'm sure Australia accept vaccine certificates from the UAE, we were a little concerned that might not be the case or may cause some confusion as our Emirates ID cards they are linked to has expired and we would be travelling from the UK.

We're all sorted now, just need to book our flights and check the requirements for travel and PCR's nearer the time we fly.

It's a much easier process now to travel with clear guidelines, unlike the travel I did during covid that changed over night and cost us a small fortune to do.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Week 19 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I'm seriously lacking in decent photos. weekends are good for them as we visit family and get out and about, but during the week it's just work, TV, cooking, cleaning, and time with the cat and dog. When I started One Daily Positive on January 1st 2015 it was to encourage me to get out and about more and to look for something positive in my life. Prior to that I joined in monthly with various photo a day prompts that were themed, so I'm going to see if there are any ones still around to motivate me a bit more.

I'm really struggling with my eye site. I have double vision that comes and goes and have to wear my glasses now for using the laptop. I had my eyes tested a month ago and they said just a slight change in prescription

127 Saturday Finally got our UAE covid 19 Sinopharm vaccines on the NHS app, home for breakfast, washing and dog walk then off to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival with friends for the day. They came back to the house for dinner.

128 Sunday Lazy day as my neck and back are playing up since I returned to work. We walked out for coffee and Bob had some off lead time, moved a few plants from the back garden as Peter has started to measure out for his new shed. Evening spent in the craft room.

129 Monday Up early and off swimming, walked into town for a coffee and off to work. Evening spent with neighbour to congratulate them on buying their first home. Spent some time chasing emails in regards to the sale of the flat.

130 Tuesday The day felt really long at work. I took the car and called in town to do some shopping on the way home. Evening spent sorting the kitchen now it's finally finished after ordering in December, apart from fitting a new radiator, sorting out the boiler cupboard and some tiling and grouting.

131 Wednesday I walked home from work meeting Peter with Bob on the way. Peter ordered the new shed/summerhouse today will be delivered first week in July. I sorted the notice board out.

132 Thursday work, evening spent in front of the TV.

133 Friday Up early and off swimming again. Meeting after work and a lift home. Chip and wine night turned into dinner and drinks with friend and both our husbands. 

More houses being built on my walk to work.

On the blog this week:

Visiting places child free

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Friday, 13 May 2022

Post Comment Love 13th -15th May 2022 - Garden Design

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

We've been enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. We visited the RHS Malvern Spring Festival last week and attended a Family Fun Day at the local park over the May Day holiday. We're off camping in a couple weeks and will be making the most of our National Trust card.

The new shed has been ordered and will be delivered and assembled mid July, hubby is currently building a base, once that is done I can start to get on with the garden. There are lots of plans in place, material and wood is being collected for raised beds and the wrought iron wagon wheel will be dragged out from behind the old shed before we dismantle it and use the decent wood to build a bin store and a small shed for the garden tools.

The green house and pots are in the front garden with seedlings, mainly veg, growing, so we'll still have tomatoes, herbs and chillis as well as rhubarb, gooseberry and raspberries.

Some ideas from the RHS Malvern Spring Festival

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