Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Sunday Photo - Week 48

My plan for today's photo was of my view, feet up on the sofa, a glass of wine, a movie on the TV and the Christmas tree.

The reality is this

On my way home from school I popped into ACE DIY to purchase some potting compost and cat food.

I then spent the evening assembling this flat pack dressing table. It's almost 10pm, I've not had dinner, showered, made the bed or watched my movie, but I did have a glass of wine just now. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Week 48 - Project 365

I am exhausted and thankful that next week is only a 2 day working week for me. It'll only be my 2nd week in my new job, which is the first job I've had since December 2010. I leave home every morning at 6.30am and return at 4.45pm, depending on traffic. it's normally a 30 minute drive but it rained on Tuesday and it took me 2 hours to get home.

Sunday I started work, bright and early, had a row with the car parking attendant, who told where I couldn't park and I ended up on some waste land, a 10 minute walk from the school. In the evening I cleaned a bathroom and our bedroom. My Sunday Photo was from Saturdays trip to the golf and The Race to Dubai that we saw the start of in South Africa last year.

Day 326 #onedailypositive #composition #fmsphotoaday #work#snaphappybritmums #project365 Composition, written discourse, to include visuals. I start my first day at work today at a school in Dubai. I have my lunch box, I am wearing suitable clothing, loose change in case I have to contribute to the tea/coffee fund or there is a cafe near by at break time, note pad and pen and a pack of tissues as I know the air con will give me the sniffles.

Monday I'm informed that I can't on any waste ground, just certain bits of waste ground. In the evening I cleaned the conservatory, kitchen and dining room.

Day 327 #onedailypositive #cut #fmsphotoaday #pink #snaphappybritmums #project365

Tuesday I'm informed that I can't actually park where I was told to park yesterday by the same guy. In the evening I cleaned the lounge, study and hall way. This weeks Animal Tales is Birds in the Garden in South Africa.

Day 328 #onedailypositive #go #fmsphotoaday #favourite #snaphappybritmums #project365 after 5 years of being a SAHM then a SAH expat I've finally re entered the world of work. Day 3 of the new job and I just haven't stopped. So this evening after being on the go all day, I stopped at my local coffee shop for my favourite drink, a latte, and to buy dinner for one as hubby is out late this evening.

Wednesday I ignored the parking attendant and parked on the first bit of waste ground where I started the week. In the evening I did some washing and went to oasis Mall for a coffee and some shopping as hubby was on conference calls till 9pm.

Day 329 #onedailypositive #stop #fmsphotoaday #FillTheFrame #snaphappybritmums #project365 one of the many learning aids I've been using in my new job this week.

Thursday was national day celebrations in school, I dressed in the colours of the UAE flag and had painted my nails. In the evening I fell asleep, fully dressed for 2 hours, before eating beans on toast for dinner and going back to bed. For #HDYGG I wrote about Gardening in Townships in South Africa. 

Day 330 #onedailypositive #threethingsimgratefulfor #fmsphotoaday #weather #snaphappybritmums #project365 it's winter in Dubai,
And I'm grateful for 1. The rain 2. The cooler temps and 3. Sleeping in silence without the noise of the air con.

Friday and it's the weekend so off into the dessert and the rest of the day to be spent sleeping, but hubby had other ideas that involved going out for lunch and on the beach, when we finally got home at 5pm, we discovered another burst water pipe in the kitchen, so my plans for an aryl night were ruined.

Day 331 #onedailypositive #ThisHappened #fmsphotoaday #Pets #snaphappybritmums #project365 the cat and dog just about tolerate each other's existence but when I travel and hubby is working they spend a lot of time together with no human interaction. I started work this week and this is how hubby found them when he got home before me yesterday.

Saturday and hubby wanted to charge around Dubai Mall while the National Day Parades are in full force, me? I went to the post office, bank and picked up coffee on the way home and had a bacon butty and went back to bed, hubby never made it out as we have to wait in for the plumber and we have no idea what time he's coming. hubby did the ironing and packed for his trip to South Africa tomorrow and I tidied and put up the Christmas decorations.

Day 332 #onedailypositive #fence #fmsphotoaday #somethingfabulous snaphappybritmums #project365

Friday, 27 November 2015

Township gardening in South Africa with #HDYGG?

Access to water in many townships is not available with adults and children walking up to 4kms each way to get water for drinking and washing, so having a garden in a township for many is a luxury, although it does rain regularly during summer, but South Africa has been having a drought over recent months with the rains arriving late and water is being rationed.

Many people in the townships try to be self sufficient and grow their own fruit and vegetables and they are able to do is if they have a bore hole, they are usually community projects who run after school care, take in orphans, run the local church and support the locals.

The cost of a bore hole starts from around R25,000/£1,100/AED 6,450 depending on the ground being dug and the depth required to get fresh water and the casing needed. These costs are met with donations from individuals and sponsors, but they are few and far between and many communities who try to be self sufficient have to give up early on in the project so many just don't invest the money in seeds or the time for projects they know will fail due to lack of water.

However some are successful like this community project in Soshanguve, North of Pretoria.

They have built an irrigation system and are successfully growing fruit trees and a variety of vegetables to supplement a very meagre income with 18 children from age birth to 18 to feed, plus the adults who live there and run the project.

I've spotted a variety of fruits and vegetables growing but wasn't able to put a name to everything, I think a lot of the gardening here is 'plant it and see'

Peach tree



 One of the projects in desperate need of a bore hole is in Mpumalanga. Access to water would make a huge difference to the communities lives.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Garden Birds in South Africa with #AnimalTales

These are the nests built by the Weaver bird of which there are 57 different varieties and they are related to the Finch. Constructed by the male who hangs down from the bottom fluffing his feathers to attract a female for breeding. males have several different partners and typically build up to 25 nests over the breeding season from September to January. The design of the nests prevents invaders, such as the cuckoo, from leaving their eggs there for the female to hatch.

They are common in most South African gardens that I've lived in or visited.

 Southern masked weaver bird

While I was visiting a friend over a weekend we just sat in her garden and listened to the variety of birds and attempted to identify them with an app on my iPhone, we weren't too successful and I didn't have the right lens on me to capture too many photos I could use on here, but I did manage to capture these photos of a Brown Headed Kingfisher and an Eastern yellow-billed Hornbill.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Sunday Photo - Week 47 The Race to Dubai

Last year during all the stress and chaos of relocating from South Africa to Dubai, hubby and I took some time out to go to Sun City to watch The Race to Dubai Golf Tournament.

This year we went to Jumeriah Golf Estate to watch 'The Race Ends Here' Sadly we aren't able to watch the last day on Sunday as it's the first day of the working week and another life change for me as I start my first job today after 5 years.