Saturday, 13 August 2022

Week 32 One Daily Positive and Project 365. Australia.

The first 5 days in Australia passed in a blur caused by jet lack and then failure to establish a sleep pattern. I took till Friday night before I had my first full nights sleep and didn't have to nap in the day.

We're staying with child 3 and his girlfriend who moved out here 5 years ago. I last saw him in July 2019 after visiting here for 3 weeks on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and along the Great ocean Coast. This time Peter is with me and we've travelled north to Cairns, been on the Great Barrier Reef. Next week we're heading south to the Sunshine and Gold Coast, north and south of Brisbane.

217 Saturday We flew from Gatwick on a night flight, having caught the train there.

Fresh faced for the first part of our journey.

218 Sunday Landed in Dubai and had a couple of hours in the lounge before a 14 hour flight around 7am Dubai time.

We had to wear masks for the 7 hour and the 14 hour flight and in the airports.

219 Monday We arrived at 7am in Sydney and were met at the airport. We unpacked, handed over gifts, had a sleep and set off to find coffee and explore the local area.

At dinner, body clock saying it was breakfast so a cocktail had to be had.

220 Tuesday We. took ourselves into Sydney around midday and walked to the Harbour to explore the Sydney Opera House, walked round the botanical gardens, into the city and back to the harbour.

221 Wednesday Off into Sydney by train, caught a ferry to Manly and explored the area, we saw dolphins in the sea and got caught in the rain. Back to the house then out in the evening for dinner in a revolving restaurant and went down to the harbour to see the Sydney opera House lit up in memory of Oliver Newton John.

222 Thursday Out for a coffee, packed and headed to the airport for a 3 hour flight to Cairns, checked into our accommodation and out for dinner.

View from the balcony.

223 Friday Early morning start and a boat trip to Fitzroy island for the day, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. The rest of them went out on a glass bottom boat, while I explored the coral at low tide and read my book.

Clam and coral.

On the blog this week:

Work experience as an adult

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Friday, 12 August 2022

Post Comment Love - 12th-14th August 2022. A week in Australia.

Welcome back to #pocolo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. Well we're coming to the end of our first week in Australia. It's great spending time with child 3 and his girlfriend, we've done so much already. We've left Sydney and are up to Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef for a few days.

I'm on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as Chickenruby, there are lots of photos of our trip to be found over there.

Sorry if the tweet reminders and blog posts are coming out at random times, all was scheduled before we left the UK, I'm hoping they stay on UK time.

I'll be catching up with comments and tweeting out posts as usual.


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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Work Experience as an adult

How did you get that job? Is something I've heard since I entered the world of work. I started working in care in 1988 and always knew I wanted to be in this line of work. I like helping people and getting results. But care work had a shelf life for me when I was injured in the work place. It happened more than once and affected me emotionally as well as physically.

I started moving away from care towards working with children and young adults. by volunteering with a Scout Group through a friend. I then had relevant experience to apply for a job as a Youth Worker in 1994 and then moved into being a Teaching Assistant around 2000. In between I worked in supermarkets and a chip shop to boost my income, before doing a NVQ through a training scheme and finally obtaining my Cert Ed around 2007. I continued working with children and volunteering to run the local football club.

Whilst training I worked as a Lecturer at the local college and finally combined everything to work as a Child Welfare Officer for the local English Football Association.

Then in 2011 we moved to South Africa and my career came to an end. I continued teaching in a volunteering capacity and became involved with a couple of charities assisitng with education and general support in several townships, from art projects to new buildings, with fund raising and obtaining donations.

On moving to Dubai I taught FS1 for 18 months in a paid capacity, using my recent experience in South Africa to show a range of skills and diversity. I had to pack that in due to a family situation but I then started volunteering on the DP World Tour as a Marshall, which turned into being offered some occasional paid work when the Tour was in the UAE. I let the Production Team know I was now in the UK, but sadly due to the fact I returned to paid work as a Teaching Assistant in a local Secondary School, I've been unable to take time off to date other than the weekend of the 22nd-24th July at the Cazoo Classic in Southport.

All of this has been achieved by hard work, putting myself out there, networking, studying and hours trawling the internet looking for jobs and opportunities. I've also accumulated quite a variety of sports gear/uniform.

The first week in August I was volunteering at the Commonwealth Games in the Athletes Village in Birmingham. I had an interview back in September through my application and experience and I was initially turned down for a role. But I'm guessing lots of people drop out so I was asked if I wanted to work with Cleaning, Catering and Waste, front of house in the Olympic Village Restaurant meeting and greeting athletes and associated personal. 

It's another thing to put on my CV as I continue to search for opportunities wherever they take me. Pay isn't the issue, it's the opportunity to do something new, different and exciting.

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Week 31 One daily Positive and Project 365. The Commonwealth Games

A bit of a frustrating week with getting my accreditation for the Commonwealth Games, lots of family/friend visits, days out, cleaning and packing and a lot of TV watching in between.

We've organised house/pet sitters for the dog and cat and various dog walkers while we are away, hence why I've done so much cleaning before travelling.

210 Saturday We spent the day visiting. First stop mum to help her with her shopping, then onto Grandchild. We called in for one last look at the flat, before we exchange contracts at the end of the week.

211 Sunday Off to the Welland Steam Rally, day spent with Mary and family from over40andamumtoone Also met another friend with her children.

Our first close contact get together since pre covid. We actually saw one another more when I was living in Dubai, than we have done in the past year since returning to the UK full time.

212 Monday I didn't go into Birmingham as I was tired and didn't want a wasted day chasing my accreditation as I hadn't heard from anyone. I pottered around, watched TV and sorted things out for our trip.

Nice and easy microwave 'knee tea'

213 Tuesday Into Birmingham for 6.45am. I had tow all 5km to reach the accreditation tent and by the time it was sorted I was 45 mins late. Had a good day as a 'way finder' directing athletes and personal to various places. home by 5pm evening spent watching the games on the TV.

214 Wednesday Back into Birmingham, sussed out the buses so no walking. Had a fab day, held a gold medal and met and chatted with lots of medal winners. home by 5pm and another evening spent watching the games on TV.

215 Thursday Peter off to visit child 1 and grandchild. I spent the day packing and cleaning then evening spent with friend with chips and wine.

I tried to get a screen shot, but grandchild dancing and doing gymnastics.

216  Friday Panic call to Australia as Peter's visa wasn't sorted, all done with a new application on his 2nd passport. Out to get my nails done, called in at neighbours mums house for a cuppa, packed last few bits and cleaned downstairs. Evening spent watching TV.

The bougainvillea are thriving in this dry weather.

On the blog this week:

Volunteering at the Commonwealth Games

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Friday, 5 August 2022

Post Comment Love - 5th-7th August 2022. The Commonwealth Games

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

I've had a busy week (as usual) with volunteering at the Commonwealth Games and packing for our holiday to Australia. The packing took less than an hour, but the cleaning has taken 2 full days. Fingers crossed when I get back there won't have been a water leak in the attic like there was last time we were away.

At the time of writing we're still waiting to hear about Peter's eVisa to be approved. Mine came through within an hour. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it arrives in time for our flight.

The dog and cat will be enjoying the company of house sitters while we're away, I'm sure they'll be spoilt.

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