Saturday 26 February 2022

Week 8 One Daily Positive and Project 365

A busy week and quite stressful with kitchen work on going, a leak in the roof and sorting out a damp issue in the flat. I also had to deal with a Doctor with no knowledge of my medical history who declared it all the menopause. I'm writing a blog post about why it's not always the menopause for next week.

50 Saturday Walked down to the retail park for eye test and coffee, we got caught in the rain on the way home. Did some baking for Monday, the new oven is bloody marvellous, as in it works, heats up quickly and cooks/bakes to perfection. I did have to do a pre oven clean before I could use it and also had to follow procedures for the dishwasher to run with salt and rinse aid, but not with detergent. The door pops open when it finishes.

51 Sunday I'd had enough of the state of the house, so all the builders stuff packed up from the lounge and put in one corner, conservatory cleaned, new rails and curtains hung, arm chair is in there until the builder removes his stuff then I can put the chair back, get the chairs down from the spare room and have a usuable dining room again. The fridge/freezer is in the old dining room which is used for storage, we'll donate it once the new one arrives and is fitted. Downstairs thoroughly cleaned, we had dinner early and went to watch Death on the Nile at the local cinema.

52 Monday Up early, did some blogging, a quick visit with grandchild, then off to the Things for the first time in ages. Thing 4 will be 3 in June, I've hardly seen her, but her mum is fab at keeping in touch and updated with the kids progress, as well as photos and sent some really cute videos of Thing 4 asking to see us both, I took a picnic lunch round and the cakes I'd baked. I had to go to the flat to meet a contractor for quoting for repairs to the damp.

53 Tuesday I had a Doctors appointment in the morning. As she suggested I'm journalling everything, it'll be in a separate blog post, I'll link to next week. Needless to say I wasn't happy when I left. I went to ask for a repeat prescription for migraines, left with a flea in my ear. Went round the neighbours in the afternoon.

Video call with Grandchild 1

54 Wednesday We were supposed to be in London tonight to watch a recording of QI, however I had to go back to Monmouth to the flat, the property management team and all owners were on site. It will be an insurance job from leaking pipes in one of the flats where the landlord didn't get it repaired, he's picking up the bill. I met a friend for coffee, afternoon and evening spent in front of the TV.

I've been making these for friends and family.

55 Thursday I had a telephone interview with a journalist about why I'm continuing to wear a mask, socially distance and sanitise hands. Blood tests in the morning as requested by the GP I saw on Tuesday who read my notes and realised I needed them. Went round the neighbours in the afternoon. The rest of day spent in pjs on the sofa with laptop and TV remote.

56 Friday Day spent in pjs tidying up. Man came to quote for roof repairs. Insurance assessor said it was loose mortar redirecting water into the attic. Roofer who climbed up on the roof said it was the main roof from the loft conversion. He's coming back next week to take a proper look and quote. Evening spent with chips and wine with neighbour.

Not good to hear him muttering 'oh dear'

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Friday 25 February 2022

Post Comment Love 25th-27th February 2022

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. This is a weekly post where you can link up with any blog post on any subject with only 2 main rules. Please make sure it's written this week and please leave a comment on either of the hosts posts (mine or Stephanie's) and at least one other post.

I leave a comment on half the posts every week, as well as most weeks sending out a link to your post with the hashtag #pocolo. Many of you do follow the rules, but it gets a bit disheartening to comment on a few posts each week who never return the love. Which is the essence of Post Comment Love.

It's been a busy week for us with family, a trip to London to watch QI being filmed, more work in the kitchen, flat sale progressing and the hole in the roof is still there.

I start a new job on Monday as a Teaching Assistant in a Secondary School for 30 hours a week, term time only. I'm done with actual Teaching now, too much additional work to be done in your own time. I'm really looking forward to it and meeting new people. I will be wearing my mask in communal areas and when moving around the school.

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Monday 21 February 2022

What I'm celebrating in 2022.

I like to mark the seasons with decorations and gifts. It doesn't cost a lot other than time and some of the decorations I have are years old, others are hand made or I've picked up cheaply.

There are also birthdays to celebrate throughout the year, with the dog turning 12 this month and the cat 13 next month. We're combining their parties in March as travel and then covid with others scuppered our plans. But the dog doesn't know or care and neither does the cat, if the truth be told. I'll be baking some dog and cat treats.

So far we've only acknowledged Valentines Day. I made bunting and stuffed hearts and posted a box of love to one grandchild, our eldest child and visited our grandson for a long weekend. The bedroom window was decorated.

I did travel to Birmingham to purchase the material but I picked up other things I needed at the same time.

Next up is St David's Day, because I'm Welsh and pancake day.

I'm sure I'll end up getting involved in Red Nose Day as I'll be working in a school.

We'll acknowledge Ramadan in March and Eid as we lived in Dubai for 7 years.

Then there is Easter. My neighbour gave me the grey fleece and I bought bright yellow duster for £2 which I'm going to turn into bunnies and chicks that will be sewn into bunting.

There are chocolate eggs bought, plus named bunting to be made for 2 more family members. I'll also be making easter chocolates.

Mothers Day will be a table set with a tea pot, cup and cakes. Then there's the Jubilee, which will involve at least the front of the house being covered in bunting. Then Father's Day, a Sunday roast with as many of the kids and grandkids as we can gather. We'll also be celebrating 20 years of marriage in October.

I love Halloween and Bonfire night, we'll acknowledge Remembrance Day and finally Christmas.

I enjoy making decorations from items around the house and in the garden. Collecting the pebbles is the hardest part.

Week 7 One Daily Positive and Project 365

Our trip to Northern Ireland went really quickly. I doubt there is never enough time to be spent with a grandchild. 

Came home to a leak in the roof and ceiling damaged on the landing and in the guest room. No end in sight just yet for the kitchen.

Lost my rag with the insurance company, not covered for wear and tear, fair enough, but you do have home assistance and we can make a temp repair to stop the matter getting worse. Bloke came out, looked at the roof, said he couldn't do anything and left. Insurance company said can't do temp repair for something that is caused by wear and tear. They don't seem to get why I'm a little narked with them. Doesn't help that I keep getting a different person who can only read off a sheet.

43 Saturday Popped to buy a foam pad and have a coffee then off for a dog walk in the afternoon.

I can't get enough time with this one. I love how mum and dad 'dump' him on me in the mornings and evenings.

44 Sunday Took the dogs for a walk and a swim, afternoon spent with the parent in laws.

45 Monday Morning at the house, then into town for the afternoon and home for tea. DIL randomly asked where the dining room curtain was, whoops I'd washed it but forgot to hang it back up before she noticed. We caught the ferry back to Liverpool, put the dog in the kennels then straight to the cabin to sleep.

It's hard saying bye to this one.

46 Tuesday I banged my head yesterday on a door frame, still got a sore head and a headache. Long journey home with pit stops for coffee and dog rests. Nothing done all afternoon, work still ongoing in the kitchen. Early night.

Early morning arrival into Liverpool.

47 Wednesday Didn't sleep well, there doesn't seem to be an end date for the kitchen and it is stressing me out now. In my head it would be done by now and the lounge and conservatory would be back to normal and I could chill for a week before starting my new job, but it's not to be. My head is also still hurting and I need to go out today. Went for a 5 mile dog walk and grabbed a coffee. The rest of the day spent sorting insurance claim and completing a sales pack for the flat. 

We unpacked the new dinner service to start using.

48 Thursday Popped out for a food shop and a visit to the laundrette. The insurance company sent a man out to tell us 'oh I can't fix that' then he left. We moved all the kitchen items into the kitchen cupboards despite it not being finished. Oncologist phoned to say iron levels dropped just outside the normal range. He wants to repeat bloods in 4 months and in the meantime if I feel they've dropped further I'm just to get back in touch.

Avoiding the weather.

49 Friday Morning spent on the phone to the insurance company. A visit to the school where I start working after half term to familiarise myself with where I need to go on my first day. Peter was in the loft space putting down tarpaulin, towels and buckets, I was in the converted part of the loft sorting stuff into piles of sell/keep/donate/bin. I cancelled my opticians appointment due to the weather, used neighbours washing machine and had chips and wine with same neighbour in the evening.

The extent of our storm damage. Some neighbours had fence panels down and bins blown over and a tree down at the bottom of the road, but we've been let off fairly well here.

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Friday 18 February 2022

Post Comment Love 18-20th February 2022

Welcome back to PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. A weekly post where you can link up with anything you've written this week.

We're back from Northern Ireland after seeing our grandson and hoping the kitchen will be finished soon.

We also discovered the ceiling on the 1st floor on the landing and in the guest bedroom has water damage, it appears the roof is leaking, but due to the storms we are struggling to get it fixed. 

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Things to do on a Stena Ferry.

Check in at the port closes half an hour before sailing. 

We only travel on the Liverpool-Belfast-Liverpool crossing. It takes 8 hours. 

We travel by car, we take the dog.

We book a cabin for an overnight crossing as a preference, but if they're not available then we book the Lounge + where you can stretch out on a seat, help yourself to complimentary drinks and snacks and have meals served to your table.

If you don't have a cabin and need one, then visit Guest Services on Deck 7, right by the door where you enter from the car deck. They have a waiting list and will call your name if one becomes available.

The other option for sleep is the HYGEE lounge, with reclining allocated seats.

The dog can either stay in your vehicle or go into the kennels for an additional charge. The kennels are clean, located on the right of the ship Starboard. There is an area to walk the dog and the kennels are secure with a key code to enter. They are clean, there is bedding and bowls and access to water. 

So once onboard, what can you do to entertain yourself?

Well on a night crossing, I'd recommend you get straight to sleep, if you can. If in a cabin car alarms will go on and off most of the night, but at least you can lie flat and have a shower in the morning.

If you're on a day crossing, find a seat, settle in. Read, watch downloads on your device, chat with your other passengers, order a meal, watch the waves, walk your dog if you have one, watch the TV with subtitles, sleep.

Alternatively you could explore the ferry, find out for me what the restaurant and bars are like, how much the cinema costs and is there anything else to find out about.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Week 6 One Daily Positive and Project 365. Off to Northern Ireland.

I've been sleeping well, but not for long. I find it difficult to go back to sleep if hubby isn't fully settled. I've been out of sink with my migraine all last week. I have a phone consultation with the oncologist later this month and as I haven't been recalled for an iron infusion I can only assume the blood test was OK. Hopefully I can be signed off now to manage my diet myself, although I've not been doing that too well recently, hence the migraines. I'm seriously hoping it just stays wheat related and I don't have to cut out all gluten.

36 Saturday In a foul mood all day, lack of sleep, migraine and kitchen taking FOREVER (I understand why) I spent the day in my pjs, even popping next door for a cuppa late afternoon. We've always got an audience when cooking.

37 Sunday Off to visit child 1 to celebrate her 34th birthday, we took her out for a drink then shared some cake with her back in her home. Afternoon spent on laptop and cutting out new bunting shapes. Migraine coming to an end, went to sleep for a couple of hours. I sorted out my wardrobe for when I start work at the end of the month.

38 Monday Early morning blogging and catching up with comments. Off to the tip, got some photos printed, took the washing to the laundrette. Afternoon spent making curtains, cushion cover and bunting. 

The wall tiles are going on.

39 Tuesday More sewing, blogging, sorting photos.

Sharing the love with Child 1 and Grandchildren.

40 Wednesday As above and packed for our trip to Northern Ireland.

41 Thursday Early start to the day and off to Liverpool for the ferry to Belfast. It was an 8 hour journey. We booked the lounge for us and a kennel for Bob and we let him out  on lead and fed him during the journey. We read, slept and watched TV we'd downloaded. 

42 Friday Cold and frosty morning as we walked the dogs, then off out in the afternoon for a few hours and one to one Freddie time in the evening. We had 2 feeds, 3 nappy changes and 2 nap times.

On the blog this week:

I've been keeping myself busy with sewing. What I made in January.

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Friday 11 February 2022

Post Comment Love February 11-13th 2022

Welcome back to PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

We've been waiting for the kitchen to be finished before heading off to Northern Ireland to visit our grandson before I start work at the end of the month. But as the kitchen is now in its 6th week, we've just booked our ferry and off we went on Thursday. 

We've got the dog with us, builder in the house and neighbours looking after the cat.

Apart from writing this each week and my One Daily Positive/Project 365 weekly blog, I've been struggling with things to write about.

When we were abroad things were done so differently, that I always found people were interested in days out, DIY/craft etc, but I do find it difficult to give an edge to posts written in the UK along those lines. I guess once I can get out in the garden more and the kitchen is finished we'll be doing a wider variety of things. I've added some pictures to this weeks blog with some of the crafts I've been doing this year so far and things I have planned over the coming months.

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Thursday 10 February 2022

January 2022 in words and photos. Getting my craft on.

If you read my blog on a regular basis or follow any of my social media posts you'll know I publish a photo a day for #Project365, that I call #OneDailyPositive.

This is my 8th year of doing this, originally set up upon moving to Dubai from South Africa to motivate me to get out the house daily and find something to be positive about.

I do get out doors a lot, with dog walks and cups of tea outside even if it is raining, I just sit inside the shed door. but due to a kitchen refurb I've spent most of my time in my craft room on the top floor. Originally child 5s bedroom. The other room is used for storage, originally a rather expensive loft conversion for child 4.

I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've been making and plans for things to come.

So I started by recycling my lockdown crafts where I used items around the home. I'm still doing that but now I have all my furniture in so time to get my bake on and sewing machine in action.

MIL knitted the panel, I turned it into a cushion.

Alice in Wonderland inspired door.

Getting everything sorted and in order makes sewing so much easier.

Overlocker in for repairs.

Now I remember why I don't do zips.

I bought these curtains for our grandson, but they needed altering.

Always measure twice

and cut once.

Iron everything before sewing, makes it so much easier.

Neighbour requested a padded name for her daughters room

I of course now have to do Great Nephew and

both Grandchildren.

The boy next door turned 2 so I baked dinosaur biscuits and made toppers for the cakes. I had to bake next door.

I've already started to plan what I'm making for Easter, we're also making blinds for the kitchen and I'd like a notice board for the kitchen that will be a joint effort and once we reclaim the conservatory when the kitchen is finished I've got curtains to make for there.

I've also been making cards, mainly recycling old ones and I can't wait to get in the kitchen and do some more baking.

Are you creative?