Tuesday 27 February 2024

The garden is getting itself ready for Spring.

There are quite a few jobs that need doing in the garden. Starting with the removal of this shed. It's been two and a half years since we got the new shed, 2 years since the new kitchen and 1 year since the extension was built and 9 months since I emptied the shed so it could be taken down. Hopefully with a week of dry weather, it's something that can be done sooner rather than later. I need to remind the neighbour to get their fence fixed. 

I can then get the table and chairs out on the old shed base and put the umbrella frame up and get a small chair to go with the pod and table under the canopy so we can use this area for its intended purpose better.

The walls are going to be clad and I will be putting up some old pub, road and car signs that I inherited from my father and clear some more space in the attic rooms. 

Scaffolding planks to go up on the wall under the canopy.

Then we can start clearing these mounds of earth and build some raised beds and a compost bin and start to use and enjoy the garden more.

Then sort out a couple of areas that are still flooding since building the new patio.

I've purchased a couple of gardening magazines and dug out my garden plans and have started to make some designs.

In the meantime, lots has been happening in the garden all by itself

A visit from a bumble bee.

Hollyhocks, and herbs.

Cyclamen and Primrose.


I planted chard and parsley once and it just keeps on growing, such a cheap and tasty crop.

How's your garden faired over the winter? Is it showing signs of spring?

Sunday 25 February 2024

2024 Week 8. One Daily Positive, Project 365, A Selfie a Day


50  Monday A stressful day in work, head pounding and just not feeling it. Mock exam for student went well though. Home an hour early, collected mum and went for coffee before her eye appointment. Dinner, TV and early night.

51  Tuesday Into work for an hour, then home to collect mum and take her home. On my way back I called in to see grandchild then caught up with an old friend and neighbour. home at 6pm, evening spent on the sofa watching TV.

52  Wednesday Full day in work, head down and just got on with things. Popped into town to post son's Easter and Birthday gifts to Australia, had a coffee, bought a couple of books. Had dinner then a long soak in the bath, TV, blogging and some reading.

53  Thursday Absolutely soaked this morning getting into work then collecting a student from home followed by taking another student to the art block on the other site before invigilating a 3 hour ethics exam. As I worked through break and lunch, Peter collected me 40 minutes early and we went for coffee and got soaked again. home to watch TV, blog, read and an early night.

54  Friday Work is really getting me down at the moment, but I work with an amazing bunch of people who keep me sane, so I'm sticking with it. My student sits their A levels this summer and my contract ends, I've been told there is a job for me in September, but I'd like an idea of what it's going to be. I've a feeling I won't get told until the first day back of the new school year. Home before 4pm, watched TV, had dinner, read, blogged, bath and an early night.

55  Saturday Off to Gloucester to visit child 1, they've not been very well and need some tests, but due to their complex disabilities they need sedating for procedures and the hospital staff just don't get how they can't be 'calmed' without medication, so two days in the week, the procedures were cancelled and new plans made, it's ridiculous. Anyway, out for lunch, ordered mums new washing machine and did a food shop. Home by 4pm to just chill.

56  Sunday The had a lie in and most of the day was spent binge watching Madam Blanc. We walked down to the retail park for a coffee and separated halfway home as I wanted to pop into the charity shops and take a photo on the common. Peter cooked a late lunch/early dinner. I decorated a small Christmas tree with Easter eggs and decorated the fire place. We made video calls with the grandchildren, I blogged and had an early night.

Books read this week: Ken Kesey - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

                                     Robert Swindells - Stone Cold

Words written towards book: 1280

Clothes bought: Chinos £25 M&S, White Stuff trousers (charity shop) £7, Jumper Quba & Co (charity shop) £7

On the blog this week: January 2024 - Days out in my Van 

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Friday 23 February 2024

23rd - 25th February 2024 Post Comment Love

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Bosworth.Life and I.

Post Comment Love #PoCoLo is a friendly weekly linky where you can link up any blog post you've written this week. If you're new or a regular visitor we're sure you'll find something of interest.

We've been booking a couple of trips in the Bobster (camper van) at the moment we are using Travelodge's at around £30 a night, it's too cold to camp in the van and campsites are around the same price so it's a no brainer really. The van is great for having breakfast and lunch in while we're on the road and sheltering in from the rain. However last weekend we were able to enjoy it fully, pop the roof and spent the day parked up in South Wales next to the beach where we based ourselves for a coastal walk, lunch, brewed a mug of tea or two and just chilled out, read and watched the sea after exploring the rock pools.

We'd also appreciate your help spreading the #PoCoLo word on Twitter, tag us and we'll RT. You can find us on twitter here: Stephanie - @BosworthLife and Suzanne - @ChickenRuby 

I'll be catching up with reading your posts, sharing and commenting over the next few days. 

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Thursday 22 February 2024

January 2024 - Days out in the camper van.

We made the most of January despite the weather and saw in 2024 with a colleague of mine and his friends, then decided to head off to Glastonbury for a couple of nights.

There's been lots of walking in January.

Exploring Cheddar Gorge

And plenty of picnics in the Bobster while we've dried off.

A visit to Wells Cathedral.

Before heading home.

We didn't get the opportunity to pop the roof on the Bobster due to the weather, but made sure the water tank was emptied to reduce the risk of the tank splitting if it froze and made sure the leisure battery was topped up with the lack of sunlight on the solar panels.

There was lots of flooding from the Severn and Avon so we found new routes and new places with a visit to a couple of garden centres we didn't know existed.

There were lots of video calls with our grandson in Northern Ireland and physical visits with our other grandchild who lives and hour away.

We still miss Bob the Dog so much, but the cat has taken over and is filling the gap and time more than we could have ever imagined.

I take a photo on the first of each month from the same spot to plot the changing seasons.

Both mums have been to stay with us while they've recovered from different health issues and surgery and we've made the most of days out with them also.

Mum often catches the bus to join us in Gloucester for the day where child 1 lives.

We haven't yet been into the Cathedral since we've been back in the UK.

There have been a lot of migraines and medical appointments in January. 
I was diagnosed with Bowens Disease, a skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun from my younger days. I'm treating it at home with a topical cream. A warning to get yourself checked out.

Hereford Cathedral visit after the diagnosis.

Two nights in Glastonbury

Salisbury Cathedral.

At the moment we've been staying in Travelodges at £30 a night, we're using the Bobster for breakfast and lunches and eating in the pub for dinner.

Home via a visit in Bath

I've been reading a book a week since the start of 2023. I've only read Emma by Jane Austin.

We've visited quite a few places in February already with a fair few more places lined up till the end of April. I'll share these each month.

How was January for you? I actually prefer the wet and cold weather as there aren't as many people out, less queues and less stress and now we have the Bobster we can dry off nicely and have somewhere warm to sit while we wait for the storms to pass.