Friday 12 July 2024

12th - 14th July 2024 Post Comment Love

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I had a biopsy yesterday on a patch of skin on my leg. I've had a lump on my shin for over two years, initially they thought it was Bowens disease a type of skin cancer that doesn't spread caused by over exposure from the sun or use of sun beds and lack of sun cream, common from when I was a child and lack of knowledge from the damage of UV rays. The treatment prescribed didn't work so the biopsy will identify the next course of treatment needed. The only worry I've had over it has been the itchiness which led me to go to the GP and get it checked out as advised when there is a change or something new on your skin.

In other news our first raised bed is done.

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Monday 8 July 2024

Migraines and medication

I suffer with/from chronic migraines. This is defined as having headaches on at least 15 days per month. I've also been diagnosed with stabbing migraine.

They dominate and control my life.

There is no link with my menstrual cycle, food/drink, travel, lack of or too much sleep.

I know this because I keep a food diary, I haven't had a period for 3 years, they didn't worsen or improve being perimenopausal or being menopausal.

Over the past year I have found a concoction of tablets that will suppress a migraine when it breaks out. It is the first time that I have managed (with support from a new GP) to find something to treat myself at home with. Previously severe migraines have lasted 4-5 days and on occasions up to 9 days where I've had to go into hospital for treatment, these usually happen about once a year..

It involves paracetamol, triptan, aspirin and an anti sickness tablet. To be repeated after 2 hours if no improvement.

This is a record of the number of days since the start of the year I have taken the rescue meds, listed above. Highlighted in pink.

It is not the number of days I've had a migraine or a headache, just the days I've taken the meds, the headaches/migraines will have occurred on the days in-between also. I've also been taking 50mg of Topiramate daily as a preventative since my last hospital visit in November 2023.

The neurologist has booked a MRI and has increased my medication for the past 2 weeks to 100mg and as from today, it has increased to 150mg of Topiramate a day.

I've started to record the actual days of head pain now, not just the medication taken.

The increase of Topiramate has 4 months to take effect before I see the neurologist after my MRI, if it doesn't he'll be referring me to the QE Hospital in Birmingham for consideration of CGRP antagonists.

One of the possible causes for my migraines is stress. I have Chronic Migraines. I've had them my entire life. They drain me, they have a huge impact on my physical, emotional and mental well being. I have auras, I can feel one coming on. I can almost time when it is going to hit. I can hold it off with medication. not fully, it's still there. I can just about function to go to work, or to do things with the family, or get through the housework, or sort the bills, or drive the car, or cook the tea, but I can only manage any of this stuff at 50%. I can't be my usual cheery self. I can't answer a simple question at the same time. I can't slap a smile on my face and just get on with multi tasking. I can't just juggle several things at the same time. I'm short, I'm snappy, I get angry......I'm in bloody pain. 

No I can't go to bed and lie down. it doesn't stop. I can't just switch it off. The light burns, the noise is amplified. I can hear lights buzzing like a vuvuzela in my ear, I can taste metal, I can smell toast. I get electric shocks whizzing around my body, the slightest touch from anyone is like I'm being stabbed. I'm not over reacting.


Then 2-3 days of pain in my head, like a brick is being hit non stop against my head. I want to smack my head against a wall. I want to rip my head open.

Then relief? NO. 2-3 days of a hangover, tiredness, dry eyes, confusion, I forget simple words like 'cup' I lose the ability to answer a simple question or I answer it in my head. I'm putting all my energy into functioning. Into going to work, into appearing sane and normal, into doing my job, into cooking a meal, into turning the washing machine on, into not looking or sounding weird when I order a coffee or speak to a friend. I'm also nauseous throughout the 3 stages.

So yes, I am stressed, I get depressed, sometimes I find myself crying, I'm exhausted, even when I sleep all night, even when I have a lazy day with no external stress. I'm not sad. 

The side effects of Topiramate at the moment as I increase the dose are the weirdest thing ever. I have this period twice a day within an hour of the meds where I feel drunk, my actions and brain aren't drunk but my body is. I've timed taking the tablets so it doesn't interfere with working. I have a silly grin on my face and feel uncoordinated, but actually everything works together. I also have whole body pins and needles that just come, stay for about 10 mins, then disappear. I've been told all of this is transient and it will settle in a week or two.

I've lost most of my taste, especially with fizzy drinks, they just taste flat and my mouth feels dry. I'm also extremely chilled out, almost switched off/tuned out from things. I can pay attention to what it going on, such as driving, but I've tuned out trival things, such as conversations, TV,/radio, background noises. I can hear them, but I've no interest in them.

I lost a stone in weight in the first 7 months of taking Topiramate and I have been keeping a record of my food intake on an app as I genuinely forget to eat a lot of the time and really don't feel hungry most of the time. I've gone back to meal planning to make sure I get enough of the right calories each day, as it's so easy to just not eat, when your brain tells you you're not hungry. I don't need to lose any more weight.

However at the moment I'm eating and eating lots. Seeking out savoury and sweet foods and drinking all the time. This is a sign a migraine is on the way, but until the auras start, I can't take the preventative as it won't work, I just have to keep a close eye on it and wait for the right moment.

There's no point going to bed and resting, the migraine will come regardless. 
There's no point lying down in a darkened room and resting when I get a migraine, the pain and length of the migraine follows a pattern.

Fingers crossed the new medication settles down and is effective and I can have some quality of life without pain.

Sunday 7 July 2024

2024 Week 27 - One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day.


I've been asked why I'm leaving my current job when I've got such a lovely bunch of people I work with. I'm not leaving by choice, my current contract comes to an end the end of August. however, there has been a development as the current year leader for year 7 has handed in her notice and I've applied for the position. Fingers crossed for me please.

The increase in meds for my migraines has the weirdest side effects. I'm now sleeping after the evening dose, but in the day time I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. My brain is struggling to function and I get this all over body tingling that randomly builds up until I feel like I'm receiving an electric shock, then it slowly subsides. It's a common side effect and it will settle in a month or so. It happened when I first went on the medication. I can manage about 8 hours of functioning then I just switch off and need to literally 'snap out of it' if anyone wants an answer out of me.

183  Monday After a day in work, I met Peter for coffee, did some gardening and spent 2 hours planning some work for interventions till the end of term supporting GCSE Macbeth. 

184 Tuesday Train into Worcester for Year 10 Geography field trip we walked round in two large groups completing a survey. Then the teachers met up for lunch which was really nice, while the students conducted questionaires. Peter met me in town for a coffee and to forward a parcel onto to our grandson, a gift from his uncle in Australia.

185 Wednesday Coffee after work with friends, I got home at 7.30pm. I turned down the job I was offered last week after looking at the contract. 40 hours worked over 4 days meant I'd be working 10 hour days and I would be expected to work at facilities within a 30 mile radius, plus additional hours with no extra pay when deemed necessary and no mention of TOIL, plus none of this was mentioned in the advert or at interview.

I'm being ignored.

186 Thursday Voting day. I'm conflicted. No one has told me where they're planning to get the money from to do all the things they're telling me they're going to do, so I voted in the best interest of me and my family, nothing tactical, nothing wasted. I spent the evening blogging and reported some plants.

Being ignored again.

187  Friday Home from work, did some tidying up, caught up with blog comments and did a couple of loads of washing, my underwear draw was empty. Chips and wine with friend in the evening.

I'm getting 'that look' again.

188  Saturday A lie in then into Worcester for the day for a mooch around the shops and lunch out and some shopping. Evening spent sorting out end of year gifts for students while Peter watched the football and I kept an eye on it and did some reading.

189  Sunday Day spent pottering around the house, reading, watching TV, dusting and hoovering the bedroom and popped out for coffee with friends. A chilled day.

Peter spent the day working on the raised flower beds.

Books read this week: Catch 22 - Joseph Heller

Words written towards book: 0

Clothes bought: £8 Primark Cheshire Cat Jumper and shorts.

On the blog this week: Days out in the camper van in June

What's made me happy this week: New government, home grown veg, chocolate treats, increase in migraine meds working, despite weirdest side effects, trifle and Alice in Wonderland.

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Friday 5 July 2024

5th - 7th July 2024 Post Comment Love

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Bosworth.Life and I.

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It feels like we've gone back into winter, it's been so cold this week, raincoats and jumpers back out the wardrobe. 

It hasn't deterred me from getting out in the garden though and potting out some herbs and separating the succulents out into various pots I've been accumulating over the years.

Peter has been busy in the garden with building raised beds and I persuaded him to paint them grey. I couldn't get him to go with the pinks and purples I'd originally wanted, but the grey will be a nice base to work from. Our new water butt arrived that will be connected to the summer house/man shed that will drip feed the raised beds and save me the hassle of the extra hose pipe length that needs attaching every time I want to water the pots in the back garden.

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Monday 1 July 2024

June 2024 Days out in the camper van

We visited Brighton the middle of June to attend my Uncle's funeral.

We stayed at the Caravan and Motorhome Club just up from the Marina. If we're staying away for more than one night we like to be within walking distance of a town or on a bus route.

Our first pitch had no 3G signal but we just put up with it for the night as the following morning we had to pack up to drive to the crematorium and attend the wake afterwards. If we hadn't had to leave the site by car, we'd have just stayed and put up with it.

 The van looks so small in the pitch.

We haven't seen another Westfalia Ford Nugget conversion yet. All the vans we've seen as so different.

Our first pitch also had no evening sun, so we didn't sit outside for long.

I love the fact the roof pops at its highest at the back, where the kitchen is, it gives us so much more room than the vans with the kitchens along the side. Plus we get two sliding doors.

The day after the funeral, we caught the bus into Brighton and back and enjoyed a day exploring.

I also spent a night on my own in the Forest of Dean at the beginning of June. Once we got to grips with setting everything up and packing it all away, it is a one (wo)man job.

I travel with my milk brother and espresso machine so I can make a latte on the go.

We discovered this month that the grey water tank hadn't been emptying and we'd been driving around with a full tank, having mistaken it emptying with draining the fresh water tank before leaving the previous site.
It was easily remedied with a cable tie to push debris out the way. We discovered a snail shell in the tank. It was a dirty, smelly job.