Monday 30 January 2023

Celebrating our success or just showing off?

If something is wrong people rally round with sympathy, offers of help, gossip, 'there for the grace of...' support, fund raising,  a sad face on social media or maybe an empathetic comment.

I've observed on social media that people have no issue sharing negative things online and in person. 

When I was growing up, no one talked about negatives, shared news about job loss, marriage breakdowns, depression, miscarriage, etc. It was kept on the quiet, within the family and when news did break, by word of mouth, there was always a positive spin put on it.

'Keeping up with the Joneses' was common. Almost gloating and boasting about new cars, holidays, designer clothing, inflated success in work and of children in school.

Nowadays, there seems to be less success shared, either by word of mouth or online. Boasting and showing off these days is seen negatively, we think about who might be upset by our success, because they'll often tell us that it upsets them. There are people who still try to 'keep up with the Joneses'  but are maxed out on credit cards and loans to pay for it all, to keep up with social media posts, to make sure their children don't miss out on experiencing everything they see online.

I hear a lot of negative comments and read posts about how people feel crap when they see other people's social media posts. Social media posts that are written in controversial ways, click bait for likes, comments to incite a response from as many people as possible. posts that are undeclared sponsored posts, published ahead of Christmas, where it's often obvious that they've been paid to take photos and publish an event for payment or gifted items and experiences. Having done a couple of these posts myself, it's a lot of work and time and whilst the experience or gift may have cost 100's of pounds, the work expected in exchange and the joy that is taken away with the stress of obtaining photos and ensuring the family looks like they are fully engaged and having fun in the cold or the rain, are just snapshots, carefully staged of a moment in time. These posts don't mention any negative aspects such as the queuing times, the additional costs of food/drinks, the car parking costs or the sheer volume of people there and having to wait with kids for 30 mins to get a 'clean' shot of the lavender fields, the pumpkin patch or the take in the background of a relatively small event.

People can often look at these posts and will openly say they fail a failure because they can't afford an event like that and as a parent they are letting their kids down. But I've never seen a single post that says 'if you don't visit here, buy this, do that, then you are a failure'. It's just how it is perceived by the reader, usually enforced by others saying the same thing. Forgetting that there are more people who don't do something, than do.

I've worked 3 jobs, including evenings in a chip shop, weekends in a bar and nights in a care home to pay the bills, been a single mum, gone without things for myself. I've worked hard to get to the point where I am now. My husband has worked hard to pay the mortgage, we've paid school fees and had foreign holidays from furthering our education (student loan) by working 2 jobs, often with Peter away most of the week. We've made sacrifices along the way, such as living abroad to improve our finances, not seeing family and friends.

We've taken risks along the way, but they've paid off and now I choose to work for something to do, because I want to and I enjoy my job. We're celebrating our success, it's not our intention to show off, to make anyone else feel like a failure, we know we're fortunate, there have been many times, life could've gone the other way for us and it nearly did a couple of time. Call it luck if you will.

Do you celebrate your success or is it dampened by those around you? Do you think people are just showing off? How does hearing about other peoples success make you feel?

Week 4 2023 Project 365 and One Daily Positive

A very tiring week, as in I've been really tired. I can sleep 9 hours plus a night and find it a struggle to get out of bed. Blood tests still not back, so no idea of it's related to my iron levels or not.

22 Sunday A walk to the retail park with Bob and Peter for a coffee. Home to sort out the rubbish in the old shed for Peter to take to the skip. Lounge rearranged, Peter cooked dinner, we watched TV, bath, more TV and bed.

After a foggy day yesterday, this mornings sunrise.

Day 23 Monday Got a lift home from work and evening spent putting everything back in the glass cabinets. Had fish fingers and hash browns for tea and evening spent watching TV.

Day 24 Tuesday Work, blood test, back to work and home. Evening spent sorting through more stuff in the attic rooms for donation and skip.

Never a dull moment with pets. cat snook into his bed, he was not happy.

Day 25 Wednesday Home from work and evening spent at the local youth club as a volunteer with Girls well-being session.

Day 26 Thursday Peter dropped Bob with me after work. Peter went off to do the food shop and Bob and I walked home.

Throw back Thursday, nearly 31 years ago.

Day 27 Friday After work I read my book until my friend came for our chips and wine evening.

Day 28 Saturday Off to the Forest of Dean to watch Thing 1 play football, we took the dog and our Grandchild with us, back to Mum's who then came home for us to stay for the week, after hearing about the death of my aunt and another aunt being ill in hospital. Peter dropped me off about 45 mins from home for me and the dog to get a walk in.

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Friday 27 January 2023

Post Comment Love #PoCoLo 27th-29th January 2023

Great to see so many people joining in last week with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

I've been pondering this month about what Life is about and in particular what my purpose is these days since the kids left home, 9 years ago and with our expat adventures firmly at an end, Hubby retired and me working 30 hours a week as a Teaching Assistant, no stress in our lives, no financial worries and reasonable health (except for bloody migraines) I've decided my role in life, aged 51, is that of an observer and I've linked up this week with a post just about that.

Do you think about the what next or do you just live in the moment?

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I'll be catching up with reading your posts from last week and this, sharing and commenting over the weekend.


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Monday 23 January 2023

My life as an observer.

Wife and mum to 5 and grandmother of 2. 51 years old and working part time as a Teaching Assistant in a local secondary school.

No stress, no financial worries, just living and enjoying life to the full.

Occasionally I find it difficult to fill my spare time, which starts at 3pm in the week and is all day, everyday on weekends and school holidays.

I walk the dog, watch TV, read and enjoy doing some crafts. Unfortunately I find mixing things up a bit difficult. I'm usually focusing on just one activity and do it to excess, until I get bored. For example I've read 9 books this month and not had a full weekend at home. I do my share of the house work and cooking, but as Peter's retired he tends to do a lot during the day and he loves cooking with a passion.

The kids, now all adults have their own lives, homes and families. Their transition into adult hood occurred whilst we lived abroad, with them leaving home at 18/19 after school, whilst they will ask for advice about changing jobs, buying a home, raising their own children, we are now onlookers, rather than taking an active role.

That's OK with us, we raised our children to be independent, we encouraged them to spread their wings, to travel, explore and live abroad.

It has me thinking about what my purpose is in life now? Not in a negative way, but in a way that has meaning. I remember my father complaining that no one listened to his advice anymore, whilst he knew how to do things, such as buying a house and DIY, his advice was often not relevant in the world I grew up into or the world his grandchildren were now living in. The same applies for us. We had free university, although I opted to attend in later life and have a student debt. We got work by approaching employers directly, presenting them with our CV on paper. We could work our way up the ladder, rather than outsiders being employed over us. Our salaries afforded us a mortgage without fear of not being able to pay the bills and afford a few extras, we've benefited now in later life from no mortgage, final salary pensions and investments that are actually worth far more than we've put in. Our experience of  doing things like this is not relevant to our children, although we can assist financially, we can operate both online and offline, something our children would probably struggle with.

We've travelled extensively, live abroad, been tenants and landlords, bought and sold properties. Hired cars, booked flights, applied for visas and dealt with all of it without guidance and support.

But now we live back in England, own a cat and a dog, drive a sensible car, with a dream of owning a camper van. We have several trips booked to visit our children, as far as Australia, I enjoy my job and I'm good at it, as are the other TA's I work with. I can be easily replaced if I chose to leave. The adult children don't need us, which is good, but we're still part of their lives (apart from the youngest, but that's a different story, not to be told online) 

So I'm here to observe, relax and enjoy and I'm sure I'll put my two penn'th worth in from time to time.

What's your role in life now? Are you an observer?

Week Three 2023 One Daily Positive and Project 365

The car is home.  It's a Citroen Berlingo and it's been in a Citroen garage for 10 weeks and they couldn't repair it. As a good will gesture they've offered to pay 70% of the bill. For now I'm taking that but I'll be making a complaint. The car is a 2019 model and was a show room car with only 1000 miles on the clock when I bought it in May 2021. The fault is with ad blue, whilst there has been a product recall in the past with ad blue, it seems that this 'new' issue isn't causing too many people too many problems, until it does I suspect there won't be a recall. The ad blue isn't a Citroen part and similar faults are reported with other makes and models also.

15 Sunday Whole day spent in bed mostly asleep. No reading, no TV, I turned down a coffee and at 5pm I requested tea and toast which was a struggle to eat. Peter came up to bed at 8pm and I stayed awake for 2 hours to watch Vera. Back and stomach in agony, but didn't feel sick, just dizzy on standing and very tired. 

I took a covid test as I work with a vulnerable student.

16 Monday Having slept through solidly from 10pm to 7am, I had a leisurely morning, a bath, I managed to drink, got my lunch ready for work and had prearranged  blood test at 9.30am. On arriving in work I felt dizzy, tired and faint, so came home after 2 lessons. Spent the rest of the day in bed, I did manage to have some dinner. I watched TV, did some blogging and had a few naps. The nurse on taking my bloods commented for the second time that the haematologist who I'm seeing on Friday also has Leukaemia. I don't have leukaemia but my bone marrow and blood results are pointing in that direction so I'm being monitored, however the blood tests are for my Iron deficiency anaemia.

No idea why the room was bathed in a pink light.

17 Tuesday Still not feeling right but back into work. Peter got the call to say the car was ready, so we picked it up after work. Evening spent in front of the TV.

The River Severn in flood.

18 Wednesday Quiet day in work. Peter brought Bob to meet me, he went home in the car and Bob and I walked into town on one of our biscuit walks and coffee. After dinner I sorted some birthday gifts out, had a bath and watched TV.

I love finding new things on my walks.

19 Thursday Home from work and took Bob out on a biscuit walk, had dinner, a bath, my hair wave tubes arrived and I tried them out, they look good. Watched TV and early bed.

Latest attempt at curling my hair.

20 Friday Work and home via the pharmacy to collect a prescription. Telephone consultation with the haematologist, he said GP surgery didn't request the ferritin tests so a waste of time and he's referred me to the blood clinic for further tests. Evening spent with friend with chips and wine (coke for me) Consultant phoned again at 7pm to say my CRP level should be between 1-5 but was 'bloody' high at 131 and I'm to get another test done soon. It could explain why I was ill Sunday and Monday.

FaceTime with grandson.

21 Saturday Up early and into Worcester as I fancied a walk round, coffee and lunch out. I took Bob for a biscuit walk in the afternoon and evening in front of the TV.

The mist didn't lift all day.

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Friday 20 January 2023

Post Comment Love #PoCoLo 20th-22nd January 2023

Great to see so many people joining in last week with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

Bob the dog turns 13 in February, I've sort of taken him for granted over the past 10 years since we adopted him. He's starting to show signs of ageing, but whilst he still loves his walks and will cover miles, he has slowed down considerably. He's also losing some of his muscle structure and is starting to look skinny. However, he still eats live a horse, but he does have problems processing human food.

Do you any pets?

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Tuesday 17 January 2023

Taking Bob on a Biscuit walk

Bob and I have not received any payment for the post or been asked to write one. We just enjoy a Biscuit walk and wanted to share the rewards the app offers.

Bob gets walked daily and on weekends we tend to walk into town or down the retail park for a coffee or to do a bit of shopping.

With me working, our walks take place in the evening and I've rigged up some bike light clips to Bobs collar and lead.

My DIL found the Biscuit app on Facebook and sent me a link. The app rewards you for walking your dog, is free to join and it works out how many Biscuit walks a week you need to do, to earn rewards.

You receive Biscuits for completing the recommend walks and can earn biscuits without a bonus for shorter and other walks, as well as recording flea, tick and worming treatment and uploading your dogs microchip.

Having entered Bob's weight, age, sex, breed etc the app calculated we need 3 x 48 minute Biscuit walks a week. It took 5 weeks to earn a £25 Coffee Nero voucher. Biscuits can also be exchanged for National Trust vouchers, discounts on dog food and even food, cloth and DIY vouchers.

I get to enjoy a coffee, explore new places and Bob gets to have his biscuits while I earn mine.

I don't receive anything for making recommendations but if I refer you, you can get 50 Biscuits to start you off.

Monday 16 January 2023

Week Two 2023 One daily Positive and Project 365

I'm aiming to read a book a week throughout 2023, by week 2 of January I'd read 8 books and started on the 9th. There has been no social media and very little TV watched this week and as I finish work at 3pm I have a lot of spare time to fill.

Our travels for 2023 are booked, just some accommodation and car hire to sort nearer departure date. We've decided that while we are still capable of travel and can afford it, we should do as much as we can, especially to visit child 3 in Australia.

8 Sunday Early walk into town with Bob for a coffee, home to a roast dinner that Peter cooked while I completed my tax return and booked our trips to Northern Ireland, Dubai and Australia (with a a stop over in Kuala Lumpur). I wrote up the new calendar and updated our address book. I spent the evening reading. A Streetcar Named Desire.

9 Monday Car still in the garage and yet another part on order, at least we have a courtesy car, however, it doesn't suit our needs, but it's a car all the same. I went swimming before work and I spent the evening reading. Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol.

10 Tuesday I took the car to work as it was raining. I collected my glasses that I'd stood on over Christmas and Peter walked to the retail park with Bob to meet me for a coffee, he drove home and Bob and I walked back. Evening spent reading Animal Farm and Of Mice and Men.The new calendar is now updated.

11 Wednesday I took the car to work and back and spent the evening on the laptop catching up with reading and commenting and sorting through photos off my phone and updating the cloud and memory sticks. Took Bob out for a long walk and a coffee. I read Of Mice and Men and started on Macbeth.

12 Thursday I cycled to work and back and had a GP visit early evening for blood tests and medication review. Evening spent reading. Macbeth finished and onto Lord of the Flies.

I keep forgetting things for work so everything went in the fridge so I didn't forget anything.

13 Friday Swimming before work, home to do some ironing and friend came round for weekly chips and wine (I don't drink alcohol with my migraines at the moment)

Last of the Christmas chocolate.

14 Saturday Off to visit MIL and a trip to Street to the outlet centre, dropped off Birthday gifts for SIL and BIL who both turn 60 this month. 

It took us a bit longer than usual to do todays journey due to the Severn and the Wye being flooded. This is the Avon.

On the blog this week:

What I'm reading January 2023

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Friday 13 January 2023

Post Comment Love 13-15th January 2023

Great to see so many people joining in last week with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

I really enjoy reading such a variety of posts. I'm trying to change things up a bit with my blog posts with a focus for 2023 on travel, DIY and home improvements, days out with my dog and family life.

I've set myself a target of reading a book per week this year. So far I've read A Streetcar named Desire, Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol and Animal Farm. I'm half way through Of Mice and Men and next up is Macbeth. That'll be 6 books in under two weeks, so I'm way ahead of my target already.

Have you set yourself any targets for this year?

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I'll be catching up with reading your posts from last week and this, sharing and commenting over the weekend.


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Monday 9 January 2023

What I'm reading - January 2023

I work as a Teaching Assistant in a local secondary school. I'm employed on a 1:1 basis with a 6th former who is studying A Levels in English Literature and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. When they're not in school I support students in years 7-11 in all subjects up to GCSE.

Over Christmas and the New Year I've been reading The Handmaid's Tale and A Streetcar named Desire.

The Handmaid's Tale as a book was far more interesting than any of the clips I'd seen for the TV version and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It had taken me 2 months to read it as I was also reading a selection of poetry and studying Aristotle and Plato. As a TA, I don't just support the student with getting to and from class but I actively engage in lessons with the students, so I really need to know the subject matter.

I had no idea of the premise of A Streetcar named Desire other than in the movie Blanche was played by Vivien Lee and Stanley by Marlon Brando. I had to try and suspend the image I held off the characters while I read the book and was very surprised with the turn it took. I read it in a day.

I'm currently reading Frankenstein, edition 1831, although the exam board don't specify the edition, like The Handmaids Tale it contains really useful notes/interviews from the authors and a biography of their life growing up. I am surprised by the writing of Frankenstein as I have an image of Boris Karloff portraying the monster, but the book is so much more than that.

These are the rest of the books I intend to read throughout January.

Then I'm going to take a break for February and plough through some crime and light hearted literature.

Do you have a target of books you'd like to read this year? I'm aiming for 52 and I'll document them here.

Week One 2023 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I should really ditch the positive part of this post. I ended 2022 and started 2023 with the migraine from hell. Yes another one. Sorry but I mention them so much because they are always bloody here. It's like the dog or my husband, never far away.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. I found store assistants and random people in the street a little hesitant when I wished them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year, in passing, as if no one says that anymore. I did start to wonder if my memory of the UK was more Dickens esq, certainly seemed to be said a lot more out in Dubai (oh the irony) yes, they do Christmas there, No, you're thinking of Saudi.

Well there is no more 'last year, when we moved back to the UK' to be said anymore, it's as if all those years in South Africa and Dubai have just melted into the background. We'll be rectifying that in the Spring when we go back to Dubai for a holiday and in the winter when we visit friends in South Africa.

Anyway, how did my week go?

1 Sunday Not good, pain back, full force, so stayed home and hubby went to visit child 1 in Gloucester. I had some respite with meds and used the time to pack Christmas away.

The cat does provide me with hours of entertainment.

2 Monday Last minute tidy round and off to town for a walk with the dog and a coffee stop. Afternoon spent on the bed watching Gavin and Stacey, updating the calendar and address book. Friends arrived in the evening, we had dinner and sat around chatting.

3 Tuesday Back to work. I cycled in, in the rain and back. Work was quiet. Home to watch TV and chat, before going out for dinner in a local pub.

4 Wednesday Took the car to work then drove to Cheltenham to meet Peter and friends to see Dick Whittington Panto, dinner and home.

5 Thursday I cycled to work and home. Our visitors left mid morning. Evening spent in front of the TV. 

The view on the way to work.

6 Friday Back to swimming before work, nail bar on the way home and evening spent in front of TV.

The nail technician tried to persuade me to have a different colour as this is for summer.

7 Saturday Off to the Forest of Dean to watch our Great Nephew play football, then a visit to our grandchild and called in to see Child 1 on our way home. Evening spent reading.

On the blog this week:

Our plans for 2023

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Friday 6 January 2023

Post Comment Love - PoCoLo 6th - 8th January 2023

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, it's good to have you back with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I.

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I'll be catching up with reading your posts from last week and this, sharing and commenting over the weekend.


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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Plans for 2023

Home improvements

We're waiting for our extension to be built in February to create more downstairs living for the two of us, then plans will be away for the back garden, after that we'll start on the front. We're contemplating a wall, especially on our boundary side as I'm fed up of the garden next door spilling over into ours.

We're also going to be remodelling the downstairs loo and the main bathroom as well as decorating throughout. Apart from adding a new kitchen last year and a shed in the garden, we've not done anything else to the house other than essential repairs and painting the walls white after having tenants for so many years.


We're booked to go to Northern Ireland to visit our grandson in February, travelling by boat and taking the dog and we're off to Dubai in the spring using up the last of our Emirates airmails, we'll lose our silver status soon.

The summer will be spent in Australia and we're planning Christmas in South Africa.

We're also hoping this will be the year we buy our camper van for days out and weekends away with the dog and hopefully our eldest grandchild.


I've two hospital appointments before Spring, the Haemotologist to check on what is causing my iron deficiency aneamia and the opthamologist to check on the growth of a freckle behind my right eye, that is potentially causing my blurred vision. I'm also waiting on an appointment at The Migraine Clinic in London.

Family and friends

The plan is to involve the family as much as possible this year into our weekends. I've also been neglecting my friends a lot with visiting them as I'm now working and rather on relying on seeing what everyone is up to via social media, I'm going to make more of an effort to ring/video call them more often. Of course this is a two way thing with family and friends so I'm not going to stress out if my plans fail.


I'll be doing more sewing this year and attempting to sell bags and bunting to support charities in South Africa that I previously worked with. Covid killed off plans for boot sales and markets and I never got back into the swing of things.

I'm also going to be working through the rest of my fathers stamp collection, which will involve a trip to Stanley Gibbons in London for a valuation on a few things, the rest will be sold through ebay.

I've given up trying to crochet, I just couldn't get the hang of it. I've quite a few tapestry kits to work through.

I'm supporting a student in A Level English Literature, we're reaching the stage where I need to expand my reading having already ploughed through quite a few books, but I'm now where up to date with the students. I do have loads of books left to read and made a good start by setting a target of one a week through the Christmas holidays, mixing classics, crime and chick lit.

Other stuff

Last year I committed to only buying clothes that I needed. I did really well until the end of October/November when I caved and bought 2 pairs of cords and 3 jumpers for work. Whilst I have lots of warm winter clothing it was mainly jeans and fleeces and jumpers with hoods, which I'm not allowed to wear in work. I did scour the charity shops first but as I need trousers with long leg length that there is rarely anything that fits me. My mum gave me some money for Christmas and I bought myself a pair of smart, knee length black leather boots, that I can now team with my brighter coloured 3/4 trousers, that just didn't work with my purple 'sensible' boots I bought back in March for walking in.

Sunday 1 January 2023

Week 52 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've missed a photo somewhere throughout the year, but not just numbered them wrong, actually missed a day. So last week I ended on day 356. 

Whoops, but I'm not going to let it bother me anymore.

We had planned a great Christmas, plenty of family time, dog walks and friends. But it all went down hill Boxing Day pm when I took to my bed with an horrendous migraine (again). I developed a sore throat, which stopped me eating and made drinking hard and then a chesty cough, so as you can image, this week hasn't been the best.

I'm going to carry on diary writing with Project 365 and One Daily Positive in the same format as it works for me. I'm also running PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I need to write a post a week to link up with. I'm going to focus mainly on DIY and gardening and the pets with some grandpa renting thrown in for good measure as well as any travel which for 2023 includes Northern Ireland, Dubai, Australia and South Africa.

358 Saturday MIL and I went out for coffee and did some food shopping for later in the week. We watched TV all evening.

Christmas can now begin.

359 Sunday Christmas Day, woke around 9am, opened presents, took the dog for a walk. I cooked a full roast with parsnips in honey and roasted Brussel sprouts wrapped in bacon, which were yummy. 

Everyone got their share of gifts and treats.

360 Monday Up around 9am, had a bath and took the dog the other side of town to walk the neighbours, mums, friends dog. We walked for 2 hours and ended up in their local pub, back to theirs for a cup of tea, then home and 'bang' full blown migraine. I'd had a coke in the pub.

Love this post box topper.

361 Tuesday Bed all day. Son, DIL and grandchild came to visit. I managed to get up long enough to cook a roast, but I couldn't face eating it, so went back to bed. 

Video call with grandson.

362 Wednesday Everyone went to Worcester for the day. I had a telephone conversation with a GP, who gave me a medication plan and I dosed myself up and stayed in bed all day. Grandchild went home in the evening. I kept my distance as much as possible. 

Yep, it's a box every time and 25 year old Playmobile belonging to the uncles.

363 Thursday Woke with a really bad sore throat, didn't eat all day and really had to force liquids down my throat. Peter drove his mother home and I managed to drag myself and the dog out for some fresh air, calling in at the chemist to pick up another prescription. I stumbled across a coffee shop selling gluten free cakes and I sat at their outside tables to catch my breath. I didn't manage over half of the drink or cake.

364 Friday Another day in bed, throat at it's worst now, feels like I'm swallowing razor blades, having to spit out my salvia now it's that bad. Migraine still in full swing. 

I have to wait for the tea to be almost cold.

365 Saturday Throat feeling better, can eat and drink, slowly. I ventured out for a coffee, I need the fresh air and this migraine isn't bobbing off anywhere, anytime some. GP said I need to go to A&E but not over Christmas and New Year and whilst there are ambulance strikes. Waiting time in Worcester A&E on Tuesday was 17 hours. I couldn't sit in an environment like that with a migraine.

Dog walking.

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