Thursday 21 June 2012

Keep your dog under control

So I find out this week it's not illegal to keep ypour dog on a leash in a public place as long as it's 'under control'

But what constitutes 'under control?'

I'm okay with the guy walking down the path in the park with two labradors, plodding slowly by his side.

My mum is petrified of dogs and the only way in her opinion that they can be 'under control' is by having them on a lead. I agree with her, but do draw the line at 'all dogs must be muzzled'

So my mum, flings me into the path of danger (she walks the the other side of me as the dogs approach, I've had a traumatic child and the one dog decides to sniff at her, they can sense fear.

She tells the man shes not comfortable with the dogs off lead and he looks at me, arms stretched out, agressive tone and says 'whatever'.

He walks off and we return home with my mother saying 'what if I had the baby in the pram with me, what if the dogs bit the baby?' well there's no point saying it didn't happen, because for her it's a genuine fear it will happen some day.


  1. I have two Boxer dogs, we always walk on lead and under control. It's not fair on others if we don't, as they are large, powerful dogs, not aggressive but look scary.

    I was bitten by a labrador at the village jubilee lunch, no breed can be considered totally safe.

    1. Strangely enough my mother has owned two dogs, but we lived in the middle of no where so other dog walkers were never an issue. One was a boxer dog and he was adorable.

  2. Unless you are at a dog park, dogs should always be on a leash regardless of how tame they are. My eldest is allergic to dogs and the last thing she needs is some dog coming over and saying hello.

    1. A dog is under control until a new variable is introduced, usually another dog in the vicinity.