Friday 19 February 2010

Things that upset me

Yesterday there were two tweets that upset me.

When I write random tweets or make silly inappropriate comments people will respond to me and not always in the nicest of manners. I know it's difficult to express oneself in 140 characters but there is plenty of room to put a :-) or a lol.

I would prefer it if you sent me a DM airing your concern for me to clarify my comment, unless of course I have made the comment directly to you, then as far as I'm concerned it's fair game.

Yestersday there were two seperate @replies to general comments I made about my life, kids and interests that did not deserve the response I got. I actually went to bed slightly upset about it.

I refuse to get drawn into pettiness and gave the tweeters the benefit of doubt.

However, this morning I went into town and I forgot my shopping list, common practice for me. I stood in the co-op and felt tears welling up in my eyes. It was a silly trigger point, I know, but never the less it made me realise what was missing.

So I went and did something stupid.... I went to my friends house for a coffee and a good old fashioned natter and felt alot better straight away


  1. Aw don't be sad, they're not worth it *huggles* xx

  2. Ooopps sorry, it's me, sunnynici lol

  3. I actually find your tweets amusing and interesting. I think it's easier for people to make a comment to you when it's not to face to face. Things that they would never say if they were sitting across from yo when you're having a coffee.
    But as Nici said, they're not worth it. You should continue to be you x

  4. So sad that this happened to you. I think you are so funny and I like your tweets and your blog! Hope you can forget this! Be yourself!