Tuesday 3 August 2010

Do YOU just walk on by?

I don't and it gets me into terrible trouble sometimes with Hubby and kids moaning that one day it will go wrong.

Sometimes one just has to say something. It's all too easy to tweet or say 'you'll never guess what happened to me today'.

Today in Stockport a woman aged mid 20's screached at her son....'do that one more time you little bastard and i'll get that woman to smack you one' I was the woman she was referring to, the child was approximately 7 years of age.

People tutted, shook their heads and walked past. Me? I challenged her there was no reasoning I just told her straight that it was unacceptable to call a child that and to threaten him in such a way.

Her response was 'Fuck off, you interfering bitch'. I politely told her I wasn't interfering as she had used me to threaten her son. She stepped towards me, pointing her finger in my face and screaming obscenities threatening to smack me out.

I remained calm and started to back off as it was subjecting her son and other children to even more abuse and at that point I was approached by two police officers.

While I quietly and calmly explained what had happened she continued hurling abuse and after giving my name and address I walked away...just far enough to see what happened the police woman took the child out of shouting distance while the other officer informed her she would be arrested if this behaviour continued.

Do you know what the saddest thing about all of this was? The child was not in any obvious distress it appeared to be normal and acceptable behaviour from his mother.


  1. There really are some scum people in the world. Sorry that you got dragged into her behaviour but well done that you stood up to her.

  2. At least the police intervened no one else did. Can't believe people can just stand and gawp like that.

  3. Good for you, I am afraid that Phil has said the same about me too (That is will all go wrong., not that I am a bastard lol), I know where you are coming from and I applaud you. I bet those officers will be informing Child Services too. Hopefully the "lady" in question is about to be taught the error of her ways.

  4. I deal with this kind of behaviour from parents towards children every day at work. They just don't realise the damage they are doing in the long run.