Friday 6 August 2010

Missing the kids?

Every summer my 11yo son goes away for a month. He spends a week with my parents then 2 weeks with his dad then another week at my mums. I'm grateful for the break he is very demanding and extremely messy.

I spend the first few days celebrating my freedom...I can go to work and not stress hubby or 18yo out but asking them to look after him....I can pop to the shops without him demanding I spend a small fortune on him or spend the entire trip persuading him to get out of the car, walk up town with me and not have to resort to bribing him with a trip to Cafe Neros.

I then spend the middle bit feeling guilty...he's not that bad...really

Then I panic...OMG so much to do must get on with it...tidy his room and chuck the junk away (although what I call junk are his precious things)

Then I feel resentful he's coming home soon and I haven't had long enough and don't want him to come home and the guilt kicks in again.

He's home tomorrow and now I'm looking forward to his return...have been chatting with him this morning on facebook and he NEEDS to come back now.

By Sunday I'll be looking forward to the next holiday when I farm him out again.

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