Saturday 10 November 2012

The one where I attempt to scald a child.

I love Coffee, not just any coffee but a Cafe Latte, one shot, 2 brown sugars.
I don't DO instant coffee and I don't care that the Italians consider a Latte a dessert, all I care about is
my Latte and please note there isn't a 'R' in it.
There have been many times I've asked for a Latte and they've replied 'one cafe larrrrrrrrrte coming up'
I've also sat and waited for the little pot of expresso to accompany my hot, milky drink as I've ordered the Latte part only and didn't mention the 'cafe'
Anyway, the story of how I attempted to scald a child.
Take out cups are made of cardboard, you can apply only a mall amount of pressure before the cup gives way, however if the lid is on securly and the drinking hole is the opposite side of the seam, you can apply alot more pressure before the lid shoots off.
So while standing at the counter waiting for your hot drink, ensure all small children are safely out the way prior to you picking up your cup off the counter. First, don't just assume that the Barista has secured the lid, check for yourself to avoid a 'slo mo' action scene where you sacrifice your hand, foot, leg and clothing to scalding coffee, while you shove and scream at small child to get out of harms way.
I have tested the lid theory scientifically by purchasing and drinking many brands of Cafe Latte, both in the UK and here in South Africa. This post is not sponsored but if *@KFCSA would like to contact me then I'd be greatful as their Cafe Latte is by far the best.
*assuming they haven't forgotten to order milk for the morning

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