Saturday 5 October 2013

I need your help please

I volunteer with #santashoebox in Pretoria.

We are short of pledges for Christmas shoe boxes this year, around 3000 more pledges are needed by drop off days the 3rd week in October. Where we check the boxes, pack and store till mid November before distributing to disadvantaged children in the surrounding area.

This is a country wide initiative. We still have facility names to release and 2 of my facilities are on that list.

I'd hate for any child to miss out, I'd hate to have to go to the facilities and tell them that we didn't reach our target.

I can't name the facilities but I can tell you a little bit about them.

The first facility needs 12 shoe boxes. This is a home for girls no longer able to live with their families. The second facility is a care home for children with mental health issues, they need 10 boxes.

If the pledges don't come in I will be donating boxes to these 2 facilities myself. I haven't made an individual pledge this year or last year as I donate fillers and my time to raising awareness, promoting and sitting on the committee both locally and regionally.

This year I'm making up stationery packs. So far 150 for ages 2-18. It is amazing how many people forget to put one of the required items in the boxes.

Each box requires:
Toothbrush & paste

It doesn't have to cost the earth. Around R100 for a basic box and some people, judging by the contents, spend R500+ per box.

It doesn't matter if one child gets a bumper box and another gets a basic box. These children have nothing and anything and everything is cherished and a much wanted gift.

So if you feel like taking on a facility or you can donate X amount of boxes. Please contact me. You don't have to be living in Pretoria to pledge a box.

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