Saturday 4 December 2021

Week 48 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've had a migraine brewing all week, probably because I'm away from home, sleepless nights with a new born and I expect I've eaten some wheat at some point also. I gave into it on Friday morning and stayed in bed till midday.

It's been a stressful week with Freddie, back and forth to hospital until he had to stay in for a few nights. It's a worrying time, but he'll be alright in the long run.

No real idea what I've been doing this week other than lots of washing and housework, dog walking and baby cuddles.

331 Saturday Over to sons house for the day whilst his FIL started insulating the loft, we couldn't find a hammer so I ended up tidying the cupboard under the stairs in an attempt to find it, not found, but cupboard nice and tidy now.

Molly follows me everywhere, regardless of whether I have the baby.

332 Sunday After a lazy morning and a Sunday lunch, I moved into sons house this evening as he's back in work tomorrow and mum is still struggling after her c section.

Teamed with a bright yellow jacket, this is how I walk the dog.

333 Monday Relaxed morning with Freddie then son had to take him to the ED. Evening spent putting up Christmas decorations. 

334 Tuesday A chilled out day with Freddie and mum and out to the retail centre in the afternoon. 

In charge of bathing and dressing Freddie so selected the outfit his dad (on the left) wore when he was born, 26 years ago.

335 Wednesday Freddie had visitors so I popped out with the dog to the local coffee shop for lunch. Freddie had to go into ED in the evening again.

Molly the dog is fascinated with what this is.

336 Thursday Son home from work early to deal with Freddie, he ended up back in ED, DIL had a friend round for the afternoon and I spent the time dragging empty boxes out the attic. In the evening we went round to DILs parents for dinner.

My last cuddle with Freddie for a couple of weeks.

337 Friday Had a long lie in after waking with a migraine which I nuked with meds. I then spent the day cleaning, washing, ironing and dog walking and packing to go home on Saturday.

We were left unsupervised, so had a photo shoot.

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  1. Ugh to the migraine. I hope you are feeling OK now. Poor Freddie. Sending love and hugs. It does sound like a worrying time.
    hehehe! Your dog walking outfit made me chuckle, Crocs might not be the most stylish but they are so comfy.
    Oh wow! I love the photos of your boy and Freddie with the same outfit. x

  2. Oh love the dog in hat Christmas pic. She's a pretty good poser. Hope Freddie's over his week of hospital trips.

  3. Sorry to hear your migraine is back. Poor little mite Freddie, what a worry for you all. How lovely that you kept the outfit his Dad had as a baby. Very sweet that Molly follows you and the baby everywhere.
    Molly looks great in her Christmas costume. My feet would freeze in crocs.

  4. Sorry to hear about the migraine. Must be a worry with Freddie having to go to ED so much this week.

  5. I hope your migraine has gone now and poor Freddie. Hope he is ok and I love him in his Dad's outfit

  6. I hope Freddie will get better soon, it must be very worrying. I love the pictures with him and Molly, so sweet.

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with a migraine. Lovely photos of Freddie, especially the one wearing the same outfit as his dad. Sorry to hear that he’s been in and out of hospital and hope that he is better soon. #project365

    1. He's a good baby, eats and sleeps well, unlike his dad lol

  8. Love that Freddie got to wear his Dad's baby grow - that's so sweet. Sounds like a yoyo week with the hospital but he looks to be growing well in your photos. Never leave you alone with animals at festive times!! #365

    1. You have yet to see what I'm planning for my dog and cat

  9. I really like the photo of Freddie in his dads baby grow. Sounds like it has been a difficult with Freddie in and out of hospital, I hope the little man is doing okay. Love the crocs and the picture of Molly with the Santa hat.

  10. How lovely the same baby outfit is getting used again! That is so cute. What a gorgeous festive photo of Molly, so adorable. I am sure they will miss your help.

    1. I'm so pleased my grandson has been able to wear his dads outfit

  11. So lovely that you kept the baby outfit and Freddie got to wear it! Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too well, I hope it has settled down and the cuddles helped. #project365