Sunday 7 July 2024

2024 Week 27 - One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day.


I've been asked why I'm leaving my current job when I've got such a lovely bunch of people I work with. I'm not leaving by choice, my current contract comes to an end the end of August. however, there has been a development as the current year leader for year 7 has handed in her notice and I've applied for the position. Fingers crossed for me please.

The increase in meds for my migraines has the weirdest side effects. I'm now sleeping after the evening dose, but in the day time I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. My brain is struggling to function and I get this all over body tingling that randomly builds up until I feel like I'm receiving an electric shock, then it slowly subsides. It's a common side effect and it will settle in a month or so. It happened when I first went on the medication. I can manage about 8 hours of functioning then I just switch off and need to literally 'snap out of it' if anyone wants an answer out of me.

183  Monday After a day in work, I met Peter for coffee, did some gardening and spent 2 hours planning some work for interventions till the end of term supporting GCSE Macbeth. 

184 Tuesday Train into Worcester for Year 10 Geography field trip we walked round in two large groups completing a survey. Then the teachers met up for lunch which was really nice, while the students conducted questionaires. Peter met me in town for a coffee and to forward a parcel onto to our grandson, a gift from his uncle in Australia.

185 Wednesday Coffee after work with friends, I got home at 7.30pm. I turned down the job I was offered last week after looking at the contract. 40 hours worked over 4 days meant I'd be working 10 hour days and I would be expected to work at facilities within a 30 mile radius, plus additional hours with no extra pay when deemed necessary and no mention of TOIL, plus none of this was mentioned in the advert or at interview.

I'm being ignored.

186 Thursday Voting day. I'm conflicted. No one has told me where they're planning to get the money from to do all the things they're telling me they're going to do, so I voted in the best interest of me and my family, nothing tactical, nothing wasted. I spent the evening blogging and reported some plants.

Being ignored again.

187  Friday Home from work, did some tidying up, caught up with blog comments and did a couple of loads of washing, my underwear draw was empty. Chips and wine with friend in the evening.

I'm getting 'that look' again.

188  Saturday A lie in then into Worcester for the day for a mooch around the shops and lunch out and some shopping. Evening spent sorting out end of year gifts for students while Peter watched the football and I kept an eye on it and did some reading.

189  Sunday Day spent pottering around the house, reading, watching TV, dusting and hoovering the bedroom and popped out for coffee with friends. A chilled day.

Peter spent the day working on the raised flower beds.

Books read this week: Catch 22 - Joseph Heller

Words written towards book: 0

Clothes bought: £8 Primark Cheshire Cat Jumper and shorts.

On the blog this week: Days out in the camper van in June

What's made me happy this week: New government, home grown veg, chocolate treats, increase in migraine meds working, despite weirdest side effects, trifle and Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. Oh good luck with the job application. I hope you get it.
    Thats the thing with the politicians, so many promises but unclear how they are planning to fulfill them.

  2. Good lord that trifle looks amazing. Now I really want trifle. Glad the meds are kicking in although hope the side effects ease soon. Good luck with the job application. The other one sounded rough with those hours. 40 hours is a lot over 5 days, I've never had a full time job over 37 (this one's cushy at only 35!).

  3. Good luck with the new job which has came up! It sounds like you did the right thing turning the other one down.
    The side effects from the increase in medication doesn't sound good. I hope it settles soon.
    Oh dear! The photos of you getting ignored did make me chuckle. Peter looks so over doing the photos. Eek.