Monday 28 June 2010

How did you meet yours?

I'm the eldest by a few months and with that comes maturity, responsibility and wisdom.

I have 5 children, she has one.

Three of mine have left home, two are in secondary school. Hers is just coming out of nappies.

When we first met I was dressed as a dalek, she was naked apart from a white paper hat.

She has no become one of my closest friends yet we've met three times..think I could tell her just about anything and probably have already.

No we weren't in Kindergarden we were 37 years of age playing fancy dress friday on twitter.
You can find her as @mediocre_mum (or in the pub)


  1. I met my best friend at work. I gave her a job although luckily not working for me. She helped me buy my house when we moved to Scotland (and was very shocked at being asked). She is the most amazing person I have ever met and has done so much for me in only 9 years of knowing her

  2. I met mine at antenatal class when we were both pregnant with our first babies. She came with another girl friend, and we all wondered if she was her "girlfriend", ....she wasn't, but my bestf had split from her partner during the pregnancy. Our babies were born 5 days apart and we kept each other sane that first year. She was a single parent and I was on my own a lot becuse of hubby's job. Our boys are almost 10 now and in the same class at school, we have 6 kids between us and I think we will always be friends now.

  3. That's really lovely, and probably just what she needs to hear right now.

    I met mine coz she shagged my (at the time) flatmate!

  4. Awww that's really sweet :) Twitter is fantastic!