Thursday 30 May 2013

The sponsored blog post and then what really happened

There are sponsored blog posts and there are the down right bloody hysterical.

OK so you've declared its a sponsored post...well done you are getting better, but we can spot the difference between a normal post about a day and a post written around the product you've begged for to review.

In the mind of the blogger:

After a good night, co-sharing with Mini and Moo. Dearest husband brought breakfast in bed as he does every morning before going to work as a environmentalist. The children's Nanny arrived and I luxuriated in my (insert name of latest bath product and price tag) which was sent to me by the lovely people at (name flowery online company) I dressed (insert picture, with photo credit link to catalogue page and name the wonderful people who sent todays outfit of choice) and joined the children for their organic breakfast (name company and price)

Using the twins new double buggy (again donated getting the drift yet?) we strolled to the (hideously overpriced location), where they children received education appropriate to the activity. More organic food for lunch from the (insert name of café)

We arrive home and are very excited to discover our Organic weekly fruit box from (insert name of company and price) and use a meal planner online to ensure we use the exotic vegetables with suitably named meals.

In the mind of the reader:

Kids up all bloody night, hubby doesn't quite match up to the wifes expectations and is in some lower paid job, he is happy but his job prevents the misses from climbing the social ladder.
The Nanny is totally made up and the blogger relies on the fact that she will hopefully never met anyone off twitter. Bath products from supermarket on offer, not sponsored but will write about them in hope of an offer in the future. Breakfast is white toast and jam and a mug of instant coffee, amongst last nights dishes, crying, snotty kids refusing to eat. Takes a further 2 hours to get ready to go out and you opt to stay in the jeans and baggy jumper.

Paid a fortune to go into a place that you know your kids won't enjoy just so you can tell the mums at the school gate how good you are planning educational activities. You didn't get asked to review it but will write about it anyway on the off chance they'll ask and it sounds better than the local park that everyone knows is full of druggies and my Boden skirt will be ruined)

Your kids eat sausage, egg and chips at the greasy spoon café for lunch after a day being filled with sweets and crisps and pop so they'll behave for the photo you take of them looking angelic (spaced out) for the blog post.

Arrived home to find a box of veg on your doorstep, sent by the local grocer, who like you is pretending to be something he isn't. It's free as you've told him you review products online and he wants a piece of the action, he's priced the box at £13 and you look at the 6 potatoes, half a swede, 5 carrots, 10 onions (all on the turn) a mixed salad bag and wonder how the hell you're going to get the kids to eat an avocado.


  1. Sometimes I look on with envy at the sponsored posts, some of the freebies are fab. I have only had a bag of dog food to review. The Boxers loved it, but it didn't do much for me :-)

    1. Ibet I cold glam up a dog biscuit

  2. I love this! I see more and more sponsored posts like this, especially the ones that say 'we took our 1 year old, 2 year old and 4 year old to this famous holiday camp and all weekend they played and laughed' without any mention of meltdowns or stress which makes me think it's slightly less then accurate! Makes me chuckle.

    1. I too can lie.....but you'll not see me do it for financial (free useless gift) gain

  3. I've been blogging just over 18 months now and I've entered two competitions, 1 linky (what's your favourite colour - no ta) and did one, like most bloggers, on a packet of healthy crisps. Its all so confusing and I've only just got savvy on the sponsored post stuff - I got an offer to review a documentary on this 53 fat bloke in America and how he lost weight so I thought yeah okay - never received it! I should get paid by Aldi and Wii dance/Biggest loser etc the amount of times I've talked about them on my blog! Life is a lot easier without all this but I too think some people get some good stuff! x

    1. You'll find that most of the 'review' blogs aren't actually reviewing a free product, just trying in vain to be asked