Wednesday 26 April 2017

Woodland walk in the Forest of Dean with Animal Tales

There are no photo's of birds in this post because the 2 men in the hide with their massive cameras were occupying the available space and made it quite clear they were not tolerating amateurs, with a camera and lens that could fit into an over sized coat pocket. However I worked my way onto to the bench and to the open window and sat for a few minutes, just to wind them up.

I'm really hoping that we can back to the UK with Bob while he can still enjoy life. We adopted him in South Africa and he now lives with us in Dubai. I'd love him to experience the freedom of woodland walks, something he never does in Dubai and in South Africa, they were infrequent due to personal safety and snakes etc.

This must be the noisiest door in the world, no wonder the twitchers/birders/photographers weren't happy with my arrival.

My question is what do you do if the bat comes home when you want to leave the hide?

We lived in the Forest of Dean for 8 years and I've never stopped off at The Nagshead Reserve, although I have visited most other places and I plan to spend more time in this area when I'm back in the summer. Maybe you could join me for a walk, picnic or coffee.


  1. Well that was very selfish of the other bird watchers. Hopefully when you go back in the summer they won't be there. I bet Bill Odie would have made space for you! And yes, what do you do if the bat come home when you are in the hide??!! Thank you for adding your bird-less post to #AnimalTales

    1. i promise a proper post for the next link up, you took me by surprise this week