Friday 21 May 2021

Post Comment Love 21st - 23rd May 2021 - Shipping has been shipped

Welcome back to PoCoLo with Stephanie from @lifeat139a and I.

I've had a really busy week preparing for leaving our villa after 4 years in Dubai, finding somewhere to stay for a month now (no direct flights to the UK) instead of 2 weeks, getting our contents packed into a container and shipped, closing utilities and bank accounts so we can move back to the UK knowing that we've cleared all our financial responsibilities here. 

We're spending today cleaning, just dusting, sweeping and mopping and supervising the removal of the garden and having the fence relocated to a neighbours property which saves us on disposal costs and p[ays for all the work.

Peter has until the end of the month at work, mostly saying goodbyes, meals out, handing over whilst I keep a close eye on UK regulations, flight updates, booking UK quarantine hotels nearer the date we fly if still required and chasing up all the payments owed to us from car insurance, utilities, house deposit and medical aid and the final bank closure. There's also a lot going on in regards to bills in the UK with our house and flat, so no real rest, but we are both enjoying being on the beach and having access to a pool.

My visa was cancelled yesterday, Peter's gets cancelled on Sunday, we then have to be out of the UAE within 30 days, flights are currently booked for June 15th which lets us out on the day of my 50th Birthday.

Here's to a quieter and calmer life. I'm looking forward to more blogging, reading, social distancing and mask wearing and hopefully building new friendships both face to face and online.

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  1. I bet you can't wait for calm to resume! Sounds super busy.I hope everything is plain sailing for you.