Monday 3 April 2023

Week 13 2023 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

Although I spend a lot of time at the Doctors and local hospital, it's not of my doing. I keep getting called back for unusual blood results. I have a bone marrow disorder that means I need blood tests every 3 months and something new gets thrown up, this time I have no Vitamin D. If I go to the Doctors it's usually day 3+ of a migraine where meds aren't working, more often than not they send me to A&E. This week I'm off to the Doctors with something new, I have horrendous pain in my thumb joints, left Achilles  and despite sleeping 8-11 hours every night, I find myself falling asleep during the day, which is a struggle when I'm in work. 

85 Sunday Day out with child 2 and family to Bourton on the Water, we walked round in the rain, had lunch and ate too many sweets. Flowers and vase for Mother's Day.

86 Monday After work Peter dropped Bob with me for us to walk home. Peter drove down to the Forest of Dean to collect a cement mixer he is borrowing from DILs family. I spent the afternoon and evening packing my case for our trip to Dubai, bogging and sorting through memory sticks.

Love seeing and smelling spring as I step through the front door.

87 Tuesday After work I popped into Worcester to pick up some bits and pieces for our grandchild visit on Thursday. Stopped for coffee and onto the Doctors. Home to watch TV.

I'll be glad when it starts getting dryer and warmer outside, dog prints everywhere.

88 Wednesday Off to youth club for the evening after work, we did some tie dye.

Entertaining the neighbours kids while their mum fitted a car seat for me.

89 Thursday Popped out of work for an hour for yet another blood test. Collected DIL and Grandson from Birmingham airport, they were delayed by an hour.

Happy 14th Birthday Pushkins.

90 Friday  Child 4's promotion ceremony in Chepstow, followed by a visit to see the two great grandparents, granddaughter and DIL.

91 Saturday Off to the airport to return DIL and Grandson. They were delayed by 3 hours. Afternoon and evening spent packing for our trip to Dubai.

Grandson loves helping

On the blog this week:

What I pack in my hand luggage. London to Dubai.

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  1. The flowers look so lovely. It's nice to see the garden coming back to life in spring, isn't it? Happy birthday Pushkins, the cards are a really nice touch. :)
    Congratulations to child 4 for the promotion, well done.

  2. It does seem to be one thing after another regarding your health. I hope they get to the bottom of your new problems.
    What a lovely bunch of flowers and I love the little display you have going on, how cute.
    Happy birthday to Pushkins!
    Congrats to Child 4! He looks so smart. x

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re suffering with pain in your thumbs and Achilles. Hope that you get some answers and things improve soon. Love your Mother’s Day flowers and vase. Beautiful birthday photo of Pushkins. Congratulations to Child 4 on their promotion – what a lovely photo. #project365

    1. they thank it's a lack of vitamins, they just don't know why I have no vitamins

  4. Gorgeous bee theme pic! Congrats to Child 4. We have carpet everywhere downstairs so our dogs make such a mess in this never ending wet weather! #project365