Monday 27 March 2023

What's in my hand luggage - London to Dubai

Despite it being a 7 hour over night flight, this is a route my husband and I have travelled on a regular basis between December 2015 and June 2022. A route we've considered just a 'hop' away between our two homes for 7 years.

My hand luggage packing is quite simple and I've often travelled this route without a suitcase, mainly over winter time as with having two homes, we've been able to keep winter clothes in the UK. It doesn't tend to differ much.

This trip I don't require endless paperwork, I'm not taking post over with me and I'm not returning with gifts either way.

Contents of hand luggage:

Wallet - Coach with passport, copy of insurance, boarding passes and hotel booking.

Leather back pack - Fossil

Laptop and chargers/headphones

Reading and sun glasses


Spare underwear

Change of top


Make up remover and cotton pads

Face cloth

Face cream




Reusable coffee cup

Foldable shopping bag - to put fleece and waterproof in for return trip.

I'm wearing jeans, trainers, fleece and foldable rain Mac for warmth to Heathrow and the return journey.

It's nice to be travelling with light weight hand luggage. Our next trip is Australia and we'll certainly not be travelling as light for 21 hours of flying time.


  1. I always find it so interesting seeing what people pack when they are travelling. x

  2. It's so good that you can travel with the bare minimum. I hope you have a safe Journey to Dubai.