Sunday 9 July 2023

Week 27 One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023

We're off to Australia in 2 weeks time and there is so much to do with booking hotels, internal flights and car hire, but I'm so last minute with stuff like this, it drives everyone else up the wall, the tasks don't stress me out but everyone else around me wanting to know exactly what we're going to do and how we're going to do it does stress me out.

I'm waiting for my latest blood test results, they said 2 weeks which will be this coming Monday. My mammogram came back clear, which is good news.

People keep sending me links to menopause articles and will often raise the subject with me that I'm in denial. I'm probably menopausal or have gone through it, I really don't know. I have a condition called thrombocytosis where my bone marrow produces too many platelets, this is why I have regular blood tests as I am iron deficient anaemic, low in ferritin. Regular iron infusions have built up my stores, but they're depleting again, although I'm not yet low enough for an iron infusion. I'm permanently fatigued, struggle with going upstairs, get breathless and have regular checks with an ophthalmologist and at the retina clinic. Being fatigued does not stop me doing things like swimming and dog walking or going to work, but it does slow me down considerably, I don't ache, I don't have muscular pains, it's really difficult to explain how being so fatigued affects me.

I'm 100% sure that if it was the menopause that I wouldn't be under the care of a haematologist for the past 6 years.

184 Sunday Last day of the golf, I had the biggest cheer of my life as I walked onto the 18th green with the winner Daniel Hillier who finished 10 under par. I've been invited to work several events over the summer and at The BMW PGA at Wentworth in September which I've said yes to.

185 Monday I can't really remember much of what happened today other than I went to work then spent the afternoon and evening on the sofa. Got myself on camera, that's me, bottom left of the screen.

186 Tuesday Stayed on after school for homework club, afternoon the dinner and off swimming and swam 60 lengths. End of term treats, I had to avoid the wheat products.

187 Wednesday Strike day. My student was in as they are a 6th former. A colleague came home after work to meet the dog and cat as they are house sitting while we're away, we took Bob for a walk. Peter and I had dinner, then watched TV and had an early night.

Summer study for RPE.

188 Thursday I've taken on some extra responsibilities in work with learning walks, mentoring and picking up students who are falling by the wayside, not quite qualifying for an ECHP but still having educational needs. We had a bbq and I went swimming, I swam 70 lengths. Hotel stay prior to flight and car parking for the duration of our trip to Australia and Wentworth accommodation booked.

Bag packed for weekend, hand luggage only.

189 Friday Strike day, lots of moving things around as we are restructuring in September, we finished early with 11 of us visiting the new Cosy Club Lounge in town for lunch. Peter dropped me off at the airport around 5pm for my flight to Belfast for the weekend. Son collected me.

190 Saturday Grandson wasn't phased that when he woke I was in his house, he's 20 months old and just accepted I was there, which is lovely. We spent the morning at a mall, then the afternoon at Belfast Zoo, off to the in-laws for dinner then home to walk the dog, watch TV and an early night.

Grandson and I packed in the car, out the way while son and DIL sorted the dog out.

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  1. Ohh! I would be so stressed planning everything last minute but you are used to travelling so I suppose it's no big deal to you.
    I hope the blood tests come back OK, that's good news about the mammogram.
    How exciting to be with the winner, that's great that you have been invited back over the summer.
    Have a lovely time with your son and his family. x

    1. I had a great time with our grandson in Northern Ireland

  2. Greatt to have more golf work picked up. My brother would love being that close to the pro golf. Hope you had a good weekend with your grandson.

  3. Good news about the mammogram. Lovely you got some more golf work over the summer. Hope you had a lovely weekend with your grandson.

  4. Hope you get everything sorted with your trip to Australia. Glad the mammogram came back clear and hope you get your blood test results back soon. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the golf. Hope you had a lovely weekend in Belfast with your grandson. #project365

  5. Hope you enjoy your time in Belfast with your grandson, I love Belfast, so much to see and do. Glad to hear the mammogram was clear too. Bet you cannot wait for Australia

  6. We are on holiday now and it has all been very last minute as I had no time to plan before we came! Hope you had a lovely time with family #project365

    1. we're on holiday now and I still haven't finished booking the accommodation