Monday 17 July 2023

Week 28 One Daily Positive and Project 365

It's been a long and difficult week with flight delays, family health and Bob being poorly.

My flight home was delayed due to lightening and I got in after midnight. I was grateful my flight wasn't cancelled as many more were.

Bob stopped eating on Wednesday and started being sick, by Thursday he couldn't even keep down any water and on Friday we prepared to say our goodbyes. The vet said without scans and bloods she couldn't tell for sure but he probably has something serious going on and at 13 there was nothing she could do. We left the vets after an injection and tablets for the weekend to stop him being sick. He started to rally, kept down water and some food and Peter said by Saturday he was pricking up his ears and salivating when there was any food on the go. We've been told to bring him back if he starts being sick again, but it'll be to say goodbye.

My mums sister had a fall on Wednesday and as we go to Australia next week, it would be difficult for mum to get down to south to see her. It'll probably be the last time Mum sees her so was good to fit in the unexpected visit. 

191 Sunday Took the dog and went off for a walk around a lake, the rain was torrential so we all sheltered in the car until there was a break which lasted an hour, giving us enough time to walk. Off to the in laws in the afternoon for a BBQ. Final cuddle with Grandson and dropped at the airport for delayed flight.

192 Monday Car in for a service so Peter dropped me at a students home, he then caught the train home and my students mum dropped me off to collect the car for 4pm. I spent the evening planning the Australian trip.

Bob was happy to have me home, he'd been looking for me all weekend.

193 Tuesday  Really tired, a long day in work then off swimming in the evening. I dropped Peter and Bob off at the pool and they walked home. Peter said Bob really struggled the last part.

Started packing. Winter gear for Melbourne and flip flops for our visit to The Great Barrier Reef.

194 Wednesday Online training in work. Bob was really poorly and we were going to Lydney after work to visit our grandchild. Bob jumped into the car so we decided to take him. We stopped at mums first to say hello and move some furniture around for her. Prepared grandchild that they might not see Bob again.

195 Thursday Home from work and Bob going downhill fast, he refused chips that my friend and I had switched from Friday to today. He was throwing up green slime and hadn't eaten or drunk all day.

196 Took Bob to the vets after work, left there in tears, knowing that the vet was just making Bob comfortable for the weekend and that we can't put off the inevitable. He is 13 now.

197 Left home at 8am to collect mum and drive to Hastings to visit her sister in hospital. We arrived at 2pm and took a shot walk before heading off to the hospital. My cousins wife called to say they'd be called in as my Aunt really was unwell. it was a difficult visit for everyone. Mum and I had a blow out quite literally along the seafront, followed by a go on the 2p slots, dinner and back to hotel. Bath tap wouldn't turn off and mum got drenched from the shower when it switched on her, had to get receptionist to come up and turn it off.

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  1. What a week. It sounds like you were lucky to get home with the flights being cancelled.
    Oh no! Poor Bob. What a worry, he really didn't look well. I am glad he's improved a little.
    So sorry about your mums sister.
    Sending love and hugs. x

  2. Oh poor Bob, sorry to hear he hasn't been well. Good there has been some improvement though. Also sorry to hear your mums sister had a fall too. It has been an emotional week hasn't it?

  3. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that Bob was so poorly and the other family illnesses and incidents. Hope you are able to relax ready for your Oz trip. #project365

  4. Oh no, poor Bob. Glad he started getting better and hope that he isn’t sick again. Sorry to hear about your mum’s sister having a fall – glad you were able to fit in a visit with your mum. Hope you have a good trip to Australia. #project365