Sunday 10 December 2023

Week 49 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've got myself a nice little routine going but it will end soon, as it always does, then I'll have to find something else. At the moment I come home from work, have a cup of tea, get my lunch ready for the morning,  get changed, get dinner ready and watch The chase, eat dinner whilst watching House of Games then I do something, in my craft room, or I read, write, blog, iron till 8.30pm, have a bath and settle down to watch I'm a Celeb. 

I seem to have posted an extra photo on one day over the past couple of months and got out of sync. At the moment I can't find it, but I will rectify it at some point. I do it every year. At least I haven't missed a picture.

I had a breakthrough migraine and took rescue meds early on in the week. Keeping a full food, activity and sleep diary now ready for Neurology appointment.

337 Sunday Off to Stokes Castle for the morning. It had been snowing in Shropshire. We explored the Castle then had lunch in the Bobster, made tea and had lunch with the heater on. Home to watch TV, early dinner, blog and just chill out.

Unexpected snow.

338 Monday Work. Not feeling well around lunch time, think it's the new meds, went home early and to bed. New tumble dryer arrived, cupboard sorted and a few items put in the attic. After tea, I had a bath, watched TV and read.

Delayed by 10 minutes waiting for school delivery. Fed up having the drive blocked every day.

339 Tuesday Walked up into the Green after work to wander around the charity shops and Peter picked me up. The loft rooms need to the heating on and to be used so a bit of moving things around and two old units from when the youngest boys had them as bedrooms were taken apart and ready for the tip tomorrow. Meds were taken after smelling toast most of the morning which I've identified as one of my pre migraine auras.

The Elf had fun with the students at work with tomatoes disguised as chocolates.

340 Wednesday we went for coffee after work, bumped into a friend for a natter, then home to do some washing and try the new tumble dryer. The amount of water in the condenser has been going into the atmosphere and we've been having cold issues in the bedroom and main bathroom if we didn't turn the heating off in those rooms during the day and open the windows. I started painting the dolls house for grandchild's extra Christmas gift that will stay at our house for them to play with when they visit.

Our neighbours mum gave us this dolls house which Peter has fixed and I'm painting for our Grandchild to play with when they come to visit.

341 Thursday Called in to visit a friend after work, then home to paint more of the dolls house, sort a couple of birthday cards and a gift, then a bath and watched The Holiday, a film I've never seen before. Evening finished with I'm a Celeb and then bed.

Mum bought Pushkin's some cat nip toys. Cat is high. Cat is going to live with mum.

342 Friday Day at work, Peter collected me and I picked up an Argos order for the last of mum's presents then into M&S to get child 1's gifts and off for coffee. In the evening it was out for cocktails with work. I really enjoyed the evening with my colleagues, but was home by 9.30pm after only 2 drinks as it really messed with my meds, which advise against alcohol, as I discovered, for a very good reason.

Peter the Elf (colleagues named him) having a weekend out from school) Kids are trying to guess which one of us is doing it.

343 Saturday Awake at 5am and back to sleep on the sofa till 10am. nail bar appointment at 11.30. Home to watch TV, do some ironing, a late lunch/early dinner the the evening spent with friends at the Malvern Glow. Peter went ice skating for the first time.

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  1. You got more snow than we did - nothing settled here at all. I would love to see the finished dolls house

    1. I'm not sure I'll get the dolls house finished in time

  2. We had no snow here thankfully. The ice rink looks quite nice (and not too busy). My meds aren't good with alcohol either - it's a good excuse when I don't want to drink.

    1. the ice rink could've down with a sweeping down in-between sessions

  3. It does sound like you have a good routine. You'll have to find something else to watch now I'm a Celeb is finished. hehehe
    I always mess up on the numbers of the photos at least once a year. I went wrong earlier in the year.
    The snow looks so pretty and the tomato chocolate did make me chuckle. x

    1. it's all gone to pot since I'm a celeb finished

  4. It’s quite nice to have a routine going. What a pretty view with the snow. How frustrating having your drive blocked. People can be so inconsiderate. The doll’s house looks like a fun project. Hope your grandchild enjoys playing with it. Did Peter enjoy his first time going ice skating? #project365

    1. Peter had a blast ice skating and was very good at it.