Monday 18 December 2023

Week 50 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've been having fun with Elf on the Shelf in work. A colleague asked me to pick one up, then it's sort of become my thing to do. The staff have called it Peter after my husband. The kids (secondary school) are trying to work out which member of staff is doing it, none of them think it's me as I'm the 'cross one' So far, I've toilet papered the learning based, left a trail of sweet papers and wrappers, hidden items, been taped to the board on a drawn Christmas tree, wrapped tomatoes up as chocolates. This weekend the Elf escaped school and on Monday he had a set of photos of his antics.

344 Sunday Awake early, some blogging done and a few things tidied away, fridge sorted through for some meal planning and I headed out to Monmouth for the day with the Bobster for some R&R and to visit a friend, getting home at 9pm to watch the last I'm a Celeb.

Bought some covers for the Bobster seats. Difficult to find as the seats rotate.

345 Monday Home from work to bake gluten free cakes for the 6th formers to sell for their charity fundraising week. TV watched an an early night. Santa came down our street. Without the dog to take out, I grabbed the neighbours kids instead.

346 Tuesday Drove to work, then walked to collect a student who hasn't been in school for a long time. Received a thank you from the Head Teacher for actually getting them into school. A busy day. After work, I went for coffee then onto youth club where I volunteer once a fortnight for the last session of the year, unfortunately I was really ill with stomach ache and had to leave after 10 mins, I struggled to drive home with the pain. I was fine within an hour, didn't have any tea and just watched TV all evening.

The elf brought in sweets for the kids.

347 Wednesday Collected the student again. Just one lesson for them then normal day for me. Really struggled with tiredness and home to decorate cakes for the charity fundraising week, enter some safeguarding and reply to work emails.

348 Thursday Another early start to set up the Elf and a birthday treat for a student. I'm shattered and been struggling with a lot of pains and breathlessness. I think it's the Vit B12, I'm now 3 weeks late with the jab, booked in for Wednesday. Home for dinner, watched a movie, which I fell asleep in front of, did some blogging, bath and bed.

I'm not impressed with the new PG Tips, the tea tastes like it's been brewed in a metal tea pot, so excited to find some pyramid bags today so treated myself to 2 boxes for Christmas.

349 Friday Out to the panto with my Friday night chip and wine friend for our Christmas gift to each other. 

350 Saturday Off to Chipping Norton to meet my longest twitter friend @mediocre_mum of almost 14 years. It was wet and muddy. I did ask if we could go shopping next year, but was told 'no'. I wore my sparkly jumper and we had lunch in a pub afterwards.

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  1. It does sound like a lot of fun with Elf on the Shelf. hehehe
    What a great Santa you had visiting your street and well done you for getting a student into school.
    Ugh! I have some of the new PG tips tea bags in the cupboard, we are still working our way through the pyramid one's. Eek! x

    1. hold onto the pyramid ones they're so much better

  2. Ah you were not far from me in Chippy. Well done on getting the student into school. I'm always amazed by how schools managed to get out to homes to get children.

    1. it astounds me the lengths we have to go to to get some students into school

  3. Sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun with the elf at school. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with pain and tiredness. Hope you are now feeling better. Lovely to meet up with friends and enjoy a trip to the panto. #project365

  4. Good on you for doing the Elf thing and love that the kids aren't guessing that its you! I remember at Bee's primary school the teachers used to go and get some kids.