Sunday 24 December 2023

Week 51. One daily Positive and Project 365. Merry Christmas.

So many staff off work sick that I've found myself juggling 3 students in 3 different lessons and not having a lunch break and grabbing a cup of tea on the run, relying on colleagues to hold students for me while I settle one into class to come back for the next or supervise a student I've set up with some work. The team I work in are great and really flexible with the needs of the students I support and the role I have.

I've watched all my favourite Christmas movies Die Hard 1 & 2, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Amazing Mr Blunden and enjoyed the new Candy Cane Lane. I really enjoy the run up to Christmas and this year I'm looking forward to the two weeks off afterwards to just chill out with no commitments other than just visiting family and friends as and when, plus lots of walking and time out in the Bobster.

Child 4 and family cards haven't arrived in Northern Ireland yet, foolishly their gift voucher is in there and only certificate of postage obtained.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

351 Sunday Drove down to the Forest of Dean to pick mum up and took her to Gloucester for her appointment to have her cataract removed and brought her home to stay with us while she recovered. We did the food shop while we waited. Home to cook dinner and evening spent watching TV. We also swopped Christmas gifts.

352 Monday The elf brought in a tree for the learning base for the kids to decorate. I left work early for Ophthalmology appointment in Worcester. I was at the hospital for 3 hours and it took over an hour to get home. the Doctor was quite rude to me saying at a certain age we can expect our eyesight to defoliate. I explained to him I was only here for the past 2 years at many appointments at many different hospitals after a routine eye test sent me here in the first place with them sending me here there and everywhere, including a referral to the retina clinic for scans for which I'm still waiting for results on.

353 Tuesday Peter took mum home then went to visit his mum for the day and drop off Christmas gifts. He got back around 6pm. I was home at 3.30pm and baked some cakes for school on Friday, had my tea and caught up with my soaps. 

I of course won all the categories and the kids thought it was hysterical I made myself medals and wore them the following day.

354 Wednesday Left work at lunch time for my Vit B12 injection, arrived to discover I was actually booked for a blood test ordered by neurology and asked how I was getting on with various medications. Told the nurse I was only taking one medication regularly and thought I was having a B12 injection. I later received a phone call from the surgery to run through what the haematologist and neurologist had prescribed for me to which I replied the haemotologist signed me off in October and the Neurologist hasn't actually seen me yet. One confused pharmacist, one very confused patient.

Video call with grandson.

355 Thursday Woke at 4am and spent the rest of the night on the sofa. Had a fun but hectic day in work. Finally had my B12 injection, now a month late, hopefully I'll see a quick improvement to the pins and needles, fatigue and breathlessness soon. Evening spent watching TV, blogging and decorating cup cakes for work in the morning.

Two years of A level English Literature and Metaphysical poetry and I wrote this.

356 Friday Finished work at lunch time (back on January 8th) met Peter for coffee, bought stuff for the next couple of days and home to watch TV, have a tidy round and just chill out.

Gluten free cake gift from a friend.

357 Saturday Off to Gloucester to visit child 1 and do our food shop for Christmas. It was really quiet in Gloucester, we were out with child 1 for 4 hours, she was really chilled.

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  1. It sounds like you have been so busy at work, no wonder you are looking forward to the Christmas break.
    I hope the cards to Northern Ireland have turned up and that doctor does sound rude. Ugh.
    It sounds like all of the students love you at school. You making your own medals did make me chuckle.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. x

  2. There is so much sickness about at the moment. Your grandson is adorable! Lol at making your own medals!

    1. The kids found it funny I made and wore my own medals

  3. So busy in that final week. N finished the same time you did at their school. Hopefully the NI cards have turned up. Sounds like another catalogue of errors with medical appointments again. You'd think after all these years, they'd have managed to link up information. Hope you've had a good Christmas

    1. It drives me mad that the different Doctors don't have access to all my information

  4. I hope you've managed to get some rest over Christmas as it certainly seems like you've been busy. All the best for the new year!

    1. Plenty of downtime managed in-between all the running around.

  5. Sounds like you had a busy end of term – glad your colleagues are supportive and flexible. What a frustrating Ophthalmology appointment and the other appointment sounded confusing too. Glad you got your Vitamin B12 injection in the end. I love that you won all the categories for being such a great TA and made yourself medals. Hope you had a good Christmas. #project365

    1. Christmas was great, really relaxed. I'm going to have to come up with something bigger and better for this years Elf.