Saturday 26 March 2011

My favourite thing in the house

This is my Upstairs, Downstairs basket.

This prticular one is about 5 years old and lives on the stairs.All day I pick things up from various rooms, football boots by the frontdoor, a school tie that has been dropped, mobile phone charger, various bits of toys, washing and towels.

The rule is, if you are passing it, pick it up and take it with you, remove items and either put away or put them in the room they belong if not yours.

Hubby manages to overlook it on every trip and sounds surprised it's there, when I remind him of it's purpose.

You can guarentee, every day that someone is looking for something....I say 'have you tried the upstairs, downstairs box?'
The reply 'thanks mum, I've got it now'