Wednesday 20 July 2011

6 months on

6 months ago today we arrived at OR Tambo to start our new lives in South Africa. You can read about how we came to be here on previous blogs.

'So what's it like?'
'Have you settled?'

Well I still find this a strange sight on the school run.

I've got used to the Robots not working and pleasantly surprised how everyone handles it when they become a 4 way stop...see I'm not calling them traffic lights anymore.

I don't notice this anymore either.

but I'm still amazed that more people don't get killed on the roads daily when they cross the motorway whilst I'm driving at 120kilos...ha not even miles per hour anymore either.

I've stopped converting Rand into Pound, but I haven't stopped saying 'how much?' at the price of some things.

I say Dankie automatically and even reply in English to people when they great me in Afrikaans.

I've stopped saying to the locals 'Pah!!!! call this winter?' and I'm now wrapped up like the rest of them even when it's 18c outside.

We've had loads of visitors and I've done the local sights to death, I can take you to the best place to see what ever African animal you want and know their preferred hiding places and best time of day to see them. I know where the best coffee and souviner shops are and have even found a charity shop to buy books and donate stuff visitors leave behind.

...and I've seen enough of these to last me a lifetime.