Thursday 20 October 2011

What’s left to do?

Flights home to UK in December booked and I must remember to remove any codeine from my hand bag as I don’t want to be arrested at Dubai airport on my way through.
I now have a mobile phone contract with Vodacom, it’s a galaxy tab and I love it, please excuse the typos as the swipe is still getting used to what I may be going to type.
I’m not finished for Vodafone in the UK and I’m making a complaint to OFCOM, despite Vodafone cancelling the last 3 months of my two year contract as a gesture of good will for taking 9 months to sort out my online access and refusing to supply me with a reference for Vodacom and ignoring my many requests for assistance to fix a broken phone.
SAFA have finally agreed to sign foreign players, but it’s been 9 months now since we started the process and Dan has decided he doesn’t want to play football anymore and SAFA have ignored my complaint of Poor practice against the local officer for telling me ‘I don’t like you and I won’t sign your son as he’s English’
I’m also waiting for a reply from HSBC about a service we were miss sold. OK we were told from the off that they don’t actually have a branch in South Africa, but continued to open up an account for us, not once telling us that all the benefits such as someone opening an account for us on arrival and credit history would not apply to us. They even cancelled my bank card in our first week here due to ‘unusual activity’ I’m sure we mentioned we were moving here when we asked for ‘off shore’ banking.
There’s the matter of sorting out my visa, that or I’m going to have to find another way of getting an income and finding something to do with my time.
I complained to the rental agents in the UK, who messed us around when we moved here, no communication or response to emails, got back to me to say ‘sorry’ the person we were dealing with has since left the company for a variety of reasons.
I’m getting feed up of the agent we’re using here; the balcony doors have been broken since we moved in, in March. Would you believe it they were stuck open all winter when temps dropped at night to -5c and after being ‘fixed’ they are now stuck shut, it’s 30c in the day and I need the bloody things to open. I’d like to be able to water the tomato plants, sunflowers and herbs.
The garage Barloworld, Toyota owe me a tyre pressure gauge, after mine was faulty, been 3 months and caused a blown tyre.
The South African postal service continue to ‘misplace’ my mail from the UK and although there is now a new system in place for signing for collection of slips, it still doesn’t address the issue of token gifts, letters and cards from family and friends.
I’m still very angry with the local removal firm we used in the UK and the way they took our money nearly £4,000 then became unavailable when the agents here ‘lost’ our container for 2 days and customs forced us to pay a release fee, so I will be writing to Britannia Removal Company to inform them of the facts. Probably won’t do much but will make me feel better that I’ve said something.
And the very last thing? @london2012 will be emailing me by the end of November to let me know if I have been successful in my application to volunteer next year at the Olympics, what role, where and when. I’m hopeful as I’ve already had 2 call backs asking for further information.