Wednesday 13 March 2013

Supporting Adults with disabilities in South Africa

Second lot of bags ready for sale. Hubby is back in the UK end of March for a week so if there are any orders he can post them your side to guarantee their delivery.
All bags are hand made by me from recycled material, they cost £10 each + £2.20 p&p.
Tweet me or message me below. All I need is your address, prefernce of bag and I'll send you details on how to pay.

Some of the bags have zips, internal pockets, press stud fasteners, they vary in size, shape and colour. All are fully lined.

Proceeds will be split between @kwo_org to purchase items for the workshop and the rest will go towards my climb in November up Mount Kilimanjaro. All funds from that climb will go directly to @kwo_org

1. Zip and Internal pocket H32cm x W32cm

2. Internal pocket and Popper closure H35cmxW40cm

3. Popper closure H36cmxW40cm

4. Zip H29cmxW38cm

5. Popper closure H28cmxW39cm

No 6. SOLD
7. Popper closure H27cmxW38cm

8.external fastener H28cmxW34cm


10. SOLD                                          

                                                            11. Zip H25cmxW34cm

12. Popper fastener H24xW39

13. Popper fastener H24cmxW33cm

                                                   14. Popper fastener H35cmxW39cm
15.Popper fastener H34xW35
 16. .SOLD

17. Popper fastener H28cmxW38cm

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