Sunday 31 July 2016

Week 30 One Daily Positive and Project366 Travel around the UK

It's been another busy week of travel, but this week I've been joined by Peter who flew in Birmingham on Monday for 3 weeks and we've been visiting family and friends. 

The blog has been neglected again, and I keep meaning to get round to uploading my photos from my trip to South Africa on my Facebook. 

Monday afternoon we drove north to Hyde to visit Aunty Kathy. Tuesday we called in at Bury to drop off the Tim Tam order with Kylie @kykaree then arrived in Cumbria to stay the night with Amanda and family @mulledred. Wednesday we drove to Leeds to collect child 3 of 5 from where he lives, he'd traveled down from Newcastle to meet us. Thursday we pottered around Monmouth, sorting out banks, wills and other paperwork. Friday we headed off to Gloucester with child 3 of 5 to see child 1 of 5 for the day and in the evening we went to the music festival with child 2 of 5. Saturday with friends for a BBQ in Newport @welsh_si and @ladywl 

Next week is just as full and includes Bath, Malvern and Lyme Regis. 

I'm hoping to meet a few more twitter people on my travels, starting with Pat @halfwelshdragon and Chloe @Indigochlo on Monday.

My photo prompts for the week
Cake-Mugg and Bean in South Aftica with a friend.
Working Hard-fish and chips in Hyde
I Remember-Peter reminiscing about his childhood
What I'm Wearing-My pjs
Now-Monmouth Music Festival
Aeroplane-KFC advertising on the road to Mozambique
Cook-BBQ at friends with Peter and Olivia 


  1. that cake looks amazing! yummy indeed. mind you so do the fish and chips! sounds like a busy week but it must be lovely seeing friends and family again x x

    1. lots of fish and chips have been consumed on this trip

  2. Mmmmm at the fish and chips but yuck to the mushy peas. Sounds like great catch up time fitting so many people in, but sounds exhausting as well. Nice to have three weeks with hubby and great to get to do a few things with some of the children.