Tuesday 19 July 2016

Day Safari at Kruger National Park

Two weeks ago I was in South Africa for 8 days, my friend and I visited another friend in Nelspruit, a 3 hour drive north of Pretoria and she took us into Kruger for a day drive about another hour from where she lived.

It's worth noting that with the school holidays, you should book in advance as they limit the number of visitors to the park.

We entered at Malelane Gate, the nearest entrance, drove up the H3 to Skukuza rest stop near the Paul Kruger Gate, where we had lunch and visited the souvenir shop, then exited the park on the H4 at Crocodile Bridge, approximately 150kms.

The gate closes at 6pm and the time differs throughout the year, you are fined if you are late back to the gate. The speed limit also varies and is monitored by radar.

We saw 4 of the Big 5, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion but sadly no Leopard, as well as many other animals and birds and quite a few stupid drivers, blocking the road to follow the Lion, leaning out of an open window to take a photo of the Lion and 2 large 4x4's that blocked the road between a Mother and a baby elephant, as they filmed the elephant in distress, we got out of there as quick as we could, rather than wait for Daddy elephant to come.


  1. Fantastic Kruger - honestly a Leopard is the crown on any game experience - so you did very well with 4 in a day!

  2. I dream about someday going on a safari like this. Love how you saw so many of these magnificent creatures - just a pity about the bad behaving human ones.

  3. HIPPOS - I see HIPPOS. Yay - you gave me a hippo photo for my birthday. Mind you I do have to admit the other animals are pretty good too as opposed to some of the humans who are just plain stupid. Nice to see some BIG animals on #AnimalTales, especially when they are HIPPOS :)

    1. I'll be back in SA next march so you'll have to wait till then for the next hippo instalment