Friday 24 January 2020

Post Comment Love 24-26th January 2020

More Golf this week back in Dubai with the Omega Desert Classic. Mum returns home on Sunday and next week I will be hosting #PoCoLo in my new home in the UK with hopefully the safe arrival of the cat and dog after their long flight.

The cat and dogs journey started in South Africa with the cat in 2012 moving in with us and adopting the dog in 2013. Since then we've moved them to Dubai and they will spend the rest of their lives in the UK. They both adapted very well to the heat of the desert, here's hoping they don't find the UK too cold and wet.

Bob now and then

Pushkins as she's always been

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  1. Your cat looks so composed and pulled together!

  2. I’ve also been meditating on the identical idea personally lately. Happy to see somebody on the same wavelength! Nice article.