Monday 6 January 2020

What 2019 held for us and the year ahead.

Lots of travel this year. January was the only month I didn't get on a plane. In total I've clocked up 132 hours of flying time to the UK, Northern Ireland, Dubai, Sydney and South Africa. I've lost track of the hours spent in taxi's and airport lounges.

I started the year on a roof top in Dubai, having watched the New Year Eve's fireworks, with my mum and Peter. After mum went home, I marshalled at the HSBC Championships and the Omega Desert Classic golf as part of the European Tour.

Child 2 and 2a came out for a visit, it was our Daughter in Laws first trip to our home. Great excitement a few days later after the holiday when they phoned to say they were having a baby.

I started the lengthy, painful and expensive dental surgery to have dental implants. It was a huge decision to make as I had to have a front tooth removed and wear a plate for several months until the implants took and I could have a permanent tooth fitted. I had 3 implants in total and I'm saving up for another 3 hopefully in October 2020.


There was a trip to the UK and sadly during this visit my Uncle died and I extended my stay to take Mum up to Blackpool for his funeral.

Our youngest child turned 20 and we were no longer parents to a teenager. Peter and I made another
trip to the UK to renew his passport.

I went over to South Africa to stay with friends and work with a couple of charities.

A trip to Ireland for a week with a friend, then up to Belfast to visit our daughter in law to be and her family. Child 4 was away with work. Over to the mainland for a week. Met my great nephew for the first time at 16 days old.

July and August
A visit to see child 3 in Australia. I flew to Sydney for 3 weeks and road tripped to Melbourne with my son child 3 who has been living over there for 2 years.

Our great niece Thing 4 was born.

Off to the UK and Northern Ireland for the arrival of our first grandchild, a little girl and the wedding of child 4 and 4a. Dental surgery complete. An endoscope revealed I have a wheat allergy, that was causing internal bleeding in my small intestine causing the iron deficiency anaemia and still no explanation to a high white blood cell count. Signed off from the oncologist.

Busy with the new baby, Peter had joined me for the wedding, then spent 2 weeks with our granddaughter. Decided to evict our tenants from our family home. We started our repatriation journey.

The Race to Dubai was on and I marshalled again for the 2nd year. Then a quick trip to the UK to get our house back, to say the last lot of tenants hasn't treated it well is an understatement.

Booked a last minute trip to South Africa for a week, whilst Peter is working out there. Obtained my Transfer of Residency and cat, dog and furniture move is booked and all paperwork is in place to get moving in 2020. I was also diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.


Mum and child 5 visiting. HSBC and Omega golf marshalling, flying back to the UK. Need to sell the car. Repairs and redecorating being carried out on UK home repairing damage after the tenants.

Cat and dog arrive in the UK, Peter visiting for a week.

Everything after the 14th of February is open to change.
I'm back in Dubai for a week or two in March as we have friends visiting, I also need to:

  • Sell the garden
  • Find an apartment for Peter to move into in May


  1. A busy year but so many babies! All the best for 2020.

  2. What a busy year with so many new babies for the family, how lovely. Good luck with moving back to the UK #pocolo

    1. thank you, all going well so far with the move

  3. Wow! Reading about all of your travels makes my head spin. You certainly had a busy 2019! Good luck with your impending move.

    1. thank you, still as much travel ahead i'm afraid

  4. Phew! I am tired just reading this! You travel so much, though I am sure the reunion with family members makes it all worth it. #PoCoLo

    1. My husband and I dream of the days when we can just go on holiday and relax

  5. Wow what an incredible. Year full of happy memories. I hope 2020 brings you many more X #pocolo

  6. Wow - what a year! I don't know where you find your energy to do it all to be honest. All the very best for a happy New Year and hope the next chapter is amazing for you all #PoCoLo

    1. Don't forget I have no kids at home and don't work either

  7. A busy year with a busier one to come I'm sure. #PoCoLo