Sunday, 12 January 2020

One Daily Positive - Week 2 Rain in Dubai

Getting really fed up of the UK media with its click bait articles, you just don't know who to believe these days. Anyway at the time of writing we're perfectly safe here in Dubai, there has been no warnings from the government either here or in the UK and if you check the UK government travel site you'll see there is more risk of terrorism in the UK than in Dubai.

It was very windy at the start of the week, which usually indicates rain is on the way, it is forecast for Monday and Friday but who knows? Everything in the garden is now covered in a fine layer of sand and I'll be back to constant sweeping and taking the soft furnishings in and out everyday. So far we've had 2 uninterrupted weeks of lovely weather.

5 Sunday Updated all the memory sticks and hard drives from last year. Slow cooker on and took Bob for a walk, it's quite chilly outside and windy. Off to the local mall for coffee and buy rice crispies and powdered coffee for my mums arrival in the early hours. Did some tidying up and sat outside updating blog posts. After dinner we continued watching don't f**k with cats on Netflix. Off to the airport at midnight to collect mum, she couldn't believe it was raining on her arrival.

Scared the life out of me when I came to pack away the table settings outside.

6 Monday Bed around 3am, had a lie in then pottered around before going out for a coffee, afternoon at home then off to Global Village in the evening and met up with Peter to show mum the last of the Christmas lights.

7 Tuesday A visit to Ikea in the morning, can't believe mum has flown 3000 miles and wants to go here lol, did a food shop, batch cooked and evening spent at home in the garden and an early night.

Bob was agitated most of the afternoon, he knows the rain is coming. 

8 Wednesday Off to Dubai Creek to the souks/markets to purchase material for outdoor seating. Mum did her souvenir shopping, coffee at the Souk Madinat on the way home, they were taking down the last of the Christmas decorations. Had a roast dinner, watched TV and bed.

9 Thursday Mum made herself a pack lunch and a flask of coffee and was dispatched over the road to the pool for the day. I spent the day catching up with some housework, blogging and resting. It rained during the night and throughout the day.

The only photo I took today and it's a screen shot

10 Friday Off to Abu Dhabi for a meeting in preparation for the HSBC Championship Golf next week, then off to Dragon Mart. Child 5 started his journey to Dubai. Thunder storms and torrential rain throughout the night.

11 Saturday An early start to collect child 5 from the airport, our journey was hampered by the flooding and his plane was put in a holding pattern for 90 mins due to surface water on the runway and finding a none flooded bay to park in. We then went out to brunch at 1pm, taxi's and cars were unable to get through the floods, but we have a 4x4, our only problem was our routes were cut off due to people having to abandon their vehicles in the flood water. The afternoon/evening just vegging out in front of the TV.

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  1. Eek! I would have freaked if I saw that lizard.
    It sounds like you've had a nice time with your mum visiting. Her wanting to visit Ikea did make me chuckle.
    Oh gosh! I didn't expect to see flooding like that with you. x

    1. It did freak me out, I screamed, but was able to deal with it once I knew what it was. The floods took us by surprise, we've had them in March 2016 and December 2014 also, but this was the worse for 24 years

  2. Gosh, look at that amount of flooding! The lizard would probably freak me out as well. Lovely that your Mum has arrived and you have her company. It's so nice when you can go out together and do shopping and visit Ikea.

  3. Crikey you don't expect to hear of that much ongoing rain over there with you. Love that your mum went to Ikea. When my nan used to travel, she always wanted to go to the different M&S stores

  4. Wow, the rain and flooding look really crazy! Hope your mum and Child 5 are enjoying their visit. I had to laugh at your mum wanting to go to Ikea. I could have sworn they had them in Bristol and Birmingham! :)

  5. It's amazing the effects of the rain on Dubai. It must be really heavy when it comes. Hope your Mum and Child 5 enjoy their visit.

  6. That is a fab lizard, I do love them. Glad you had a nice time with your mum visiting. Imagine wanting to go to Ikea, I am not a fan of the shop. I didn't expect to see flooding like that with you guys. x

  7. Maybe mum never gets to Ikea at home, not somewhere I go unless I go with DD1.
    Glad she is enjoying her last visit to Dubai.
    Gosh at the rain, there is always one that tries to get through and gets stuck.
    what a lovely lizard, is it poisonous?
    Poor Bob.

  8. Oh were there some articles about Dubai? I must have missed them.

    That flooding looks pretty bad....glad you managed to get through it.

    Think the lizard would have scared me too!