Friday 24 September 2021

Post Comment Love 24th -26th September 2021

Welcome back to another week of #pocolo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. Lovely to see new faces amongst the regulars.

I think we're going to have to make a few tweaks to our kitchen plans. The quote has come in at £14,000 (sale price) and that's before we buy any appliances, pay for fitting, electrics and plumbing. As well as new lighting, flooring and redecorating.

In the 10 years since we've been away we've really noticed the cost of things has increased greatly. Although we've rented this house out and had repairs done as well as buying a flat in that time. I think covid and Brexit has made the biggest price increase though. Hubby bought wood this week to make a headboard. It cost him £190.

Car parking is my biggest concern, how do people afford it? It can easily add £10 to a day out for people. We haven't had to pay for parking outside the UK and keep getting caught out with no change, machines not taking card payments and we can't pay by phone as we are on PAYG with data/call packages. 

We're off to the RHS Malvern Show this weekend, hoping to pick up some end of season bargains.

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  1. Car parking charges make me fume. Especially hospitals. I think the elderly and disabled should at least get free hospital parking. My father in law has been in hospital for over two weeks and it's cost a fortune in parking. Have a good weekend. I did my kitchen last year and it's the hardest room to do I think xx

    1. we've put the kitchen plan on hold, waiting for new builder to be available

  2. Covid has caused so much nonsense and mishap for housing and other things....ready for it to go like everyone else...

    Wish you the best with your hours situation...have a good wknd!