Saturday, 9 October 2021

Week 40 - One Daily Positive, Project 365.

Although we've been spending a lot of time with family, we're all double vaccinated, son and DIL test regularly due to their jobs and we LFT at least weekly. We also don't hug and we spend as much time outside as possible. When they stay over, we have two ensuite bedrooms and a separate bathroom so it's easier to maintain hygiene and social distancing.

After hitting a badger on Friday night, I asked in the local facebook group for assistance getting repairs for the car. Most made stupid jokes, a few offered recommendations and one woman decided to go on about the poor animal lying in a ditch that I failed to rescue. Having pointed out I was a lone female, at dusk, on a country lane with fast moving traffic and that I did turn round when I could and drove back, I was scolded for not rescuing a potentially dangerous and aggressive animal. 

275 Up early to take the car to the garage for an assessment. it can all be repaired but will be several hundred pounds. Need a new light fitting and the crack in the bumper needs welding and re spraying. Did some food shopping, walked the dog in the rain, did some more Christmas and Halloween crafts and chilled out watching TV and blogging in between helping Peter with the headboard he's making.

276 Facebook down, but that's all I can remember about the day.

277 Took Bob for a walk and found a dog friendly cafe doing Gluten Free food so we stopped for lunch. Moved the cacti into the bathroom for the winter.

278 Off to Gloucester to visit child 1 for the day.

279 Peter's birthday. We caught the train to Worcester, watched No Time To Die, had a meal out and a few drinks, some shopping and train home.

280 Coffee in Monmouth, a picnic in the woods and a visit to see child 2, his wife and our grandchild.

281 A day at home, tided up the craft room after finish my Christmas sleigh and did some gardening.

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  1. We are doing LFT daily because of how many cases there are at my youngest girls school. My eldest is now working in a care home so she is having extra tests at work. So far we're all still negative.
    Ugh! Some people just look for an argument. You would have been stupid to rescue a probably dead badger.
    The headboard looks fab and your bedroom so cosy.
    I hope you enjoyed the new James Bond film. x

  2. Some people would argue about anything, they just enjoy being keyboard warriors. Of course, it would have been dangerous to go pick up the badger. They will attack, if they feel threatened, and their teeth are dangerous. Your bedroom looks inviting. Did Peter and you enjoy James Bond? I read some mixed reviews. I won't be going to see it in the cinema, will wait until the DVD comes out.
    And now I want some crumble too.

  3. Ooh love a crumble. We're not badger fans here, being farmers. We've had quite a few around here on our land, and we've also had TB a lot recently in the cattle. I've had a near miss with one running out in front of my car. They're huge and a bit scary. Glad your car is fixable but not great the expense.

  4. The lows and lowest of Facebook! Poor you :( love how your dog is eyeing up Peter's sandwich! #project365

  5. I find that some people on facebook can pick a fight with themselves! How rude. I would have done exactly the same as you though honestly some people. How was the new James Bond film? Did it give any indication on who the new bond maybe? I am hoping to get some time to do some Halloween crafts this weekend with the kids. Hope the bill is not too much for your car.

  6. I swear Facebook local groups are full of people who just like to get uppity about things. You did what was the right thing for you at the time. Lovely to spend time with family and glad you are able to do so while still doing your best to stay as safe as possible. Happy belated birthday to Peter and hope he had a good one. Looks like you had a busy day baking – that crumble looks very yummy. #project365