Monday 18 October 2021

Week 41 - One Daily Positive & Project 365.

Had a migraine on and off all week. Am due a blood test soon to check on my iron levels, will ask then about going back on the beta blockers. 

We've decided on the new kitchen and work will start in December, the extension will start in the spring, so garden plans for the new shed and allotment style design will be put on hold until the summer when the building work is finished.

282 We walked into town to get stuff for tea, I then walked down to the other shopping area of the town to buy some cinnamon powder, a 5 mile trek.

283 Woke with a migraine, managed a food shop in Worcester and spent time out in the garden.

284 Dropped the car off and walked the dog home, did some painting, watched TV, had my hair cut and walked to the Doctors for our booster jabs to discover it's actually next week. An evening of nothing dealing with a Migraine Hangover. Sorted my inflatables out for pulling Santa's Sleigh.

285 A lazy morning, some painting and letter writing, a call from the bank about our off shore account. We have to go through all this palaver of 'let me introduce myself and tell me something about you?' all a load of rubbish if you ask me. 'No we don't want to invest, we have that all done and no we don't want you to look at our investments to see if you can do better' Peter collected the car, just short of £400.

286 I woke in a foul mood (migraine related) so Bob and I went out for a 2 hour walk. I did some more work on my halloween and Christmas decorations. Peter went to the Cheltenham Lit Fest to listen to Jimmy Paige. He dropped me at the retail park and I walked home. I watched TV and had an early night.

287 I received an email late the previous evening to invite me to my volunteer interview in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games 2022. It was a really good experience but 25,000 people are being interviewed for 13,000 roles. I'm hopeful with my European Golf experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the previous 3-4 years. I wasn't happy with my hair, after washing and styling myself it's all different lengths, so I went back to get it sorted. 

I've found a new building project I can follow and photograph.

288 Off to Worcester to get my nails done and eyebrows threaded. In the afternoon I packed for my trip to Northern Ireland and had chips and wine in the evening with my friend.

The cat wants to know where it's manky water is.

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  1. Good luck with getting a volunteer role. It would be so exciting to be involved. I just missed out at the Manchester commonwealth games for work as we sent lots of people. Glad you get your hair sorted in the end. I've had similar, having to go back again to get a cut fixed.

    1. thank you, glad I went back to sort my hair out

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your migraine. I hope you get to volunteer for the Commonwealth games.

  3. Sorry to hear that you had a migraine on and off all week. Hope you are feeling better now. I love your inflatables for pulling Santa’s sleigh. Good luck with your volunteer interview for the Commonwealth Games. Love that last photo of your cat look quite unimpressed. #project365

    1. Peter isn't as impressed with the inflatables though lol

  4. The cat doesn't look too impressed!

    Sorry to hear about your migraines. Good luck with the volunteer role

  5. Fingers crossed for you to get the volunteer's job you covet! Sorry to hear you've been having migraines again. You mentioning the Cheltenham lit festival made me think it's been two years since Mary and Freddie took Eddie and me to see Cressida Cowell. Bob looks at the food with undisguised sadness, like, why don't you share with me?!

    1. oh don't worry Bob had his fair share of pancake

  6. Sorry to hear about the migraine hope its much better now. Fingers crossed for the volunteer job that sounds like it would be an amazing experience. Exciting about the building work at home and the new project to photograph.

  7. Why do cats always drink manky water and not the fresh stuff??? Ooh I fancy pancakes now... maybe a half term treat for everyone #project365