Tuesday 12 October 2021

15th-17th October 2021 - Post Comment Love

Welcome back to #pocolo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. It's great to see so many people joining in each week with a variety of topics.

I've linked up with a positive post this week about why repatriating has been good for my husband and I. We're really enjoying life in the UK, although not looking forward to the winter so much.

I've spent several parts of winter in the UK over the past few years, but Peter hasn't other than February 2018, for 2 weeks. He's always left Dubai in the middle of summer to get some respite from the heat.

We're hoping we will be able to sort out someone to look after our cat and dog early next year so we can travel to Australia to see our son (borders/covid permitting). In the meantime we're making the most of seeing the UK family, a few short breaks away with the dog (our lovely neighbour looks out for the cat) and days out and as much time in the garden as the weather will allow.

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