Tuesday 1 February 2022

If I'm not your target audience, don't follow me. FOMO and POMO

I get fed up of people complaining about some of the content I post. I over share in my blog, I take too many pictures of cups of coffee. 

My reply EVERY SINGLE TIME. Please feel free to unfollow/friend/mute and stop stalking me on every social media platform because you suffer with #FOMO.

Yes real life people say this to me. It irritates the life out of me, more so than their MLM, look how much I earn posts, but I don't comment, I just scroll past. 

If I post a picture of a piece of cake, a coffee or even a full meal, behind the picture I'm telling a story. In fact that's what my whole blog and social media is about, to share day to day life as it happens, when and where. I also share my thoughts and feelings.

This however has caused issues in the past also, comment to other people, like Chinese whispers getting back to me, slightly twisted, via 3rd parties who then share their concern from the other person with me. But what's worse is people sharing what I say with people I'm not even friends with or have chosen not to have on any of my social media channels. It might be a public platform, but it's as annoying as hell when my life gets shared as gossip with people I don't want in my life. TBH that happens often with face to face real life conversations also.

Then there are the people who assume I'm talking about them, with a sub tweet or message in a post, that rather than ask, just go off on one. I have a wide circle of friends, around the world. I have a very large family when you add in all my children's family from my first marriage. I have a wealth of experience from where we've lived, exposure to many different cultures where I may question something, because it differs from how I would have done it. From marriage, to raising a family, finances and even food eaten.

I learnt a new hashtag a few months ago #POMO and I think it applies to me in regards to social media. I left all the facebook groups I'd joined, too much stress and all the problems I didn't have but others were forcing onto me, concerns I should have about my dog being snatched from my hands as so and so's friends mothers, next door neighbour had read something in another facebook group I might like to join.

#POMO means Pleasure of Missing Out

Here's a typical example of the 'crap' I share online with the story behind it.

Walks with #bobthedog in the UK are far more interesting, even with the graffiti, dumped trolleys and litter. It’s safe to walk (wouldn’t go here at night) not hot (ok sometimes it’s rains but that doesn’t stop us) we meet people who smile and say hello or stop for a chat and we can get coffee on the go or sit for a while.

The range of gluten free foods in coffee shops and most supermarket cafes is poor. Usually crisps, chocolate or over priced pre packed cake bars. Today we’re in @nextofficial in Worcester as last time I was there I spotted a whole Gluten Free cake ready to be sliced. It doesn’t disappoint.

The days of 'showing off' as it's also been called from living in Dubai and South Africa with views of the Burj Al Arab on a coffee stop or walks out in the desert with the dog are long gone. I do find that people are less interested in things they're familiar with, but also view photos from South Africa and Dubai as holiday pictures, forgetting that behind the scenes life is pretty much the same as theirs with washing, ironing, cleaning, work, dog walking etc.

I'm taking #POMO with holidays, I don't want the stress or the uncertainty of travel abroad during covid and I've turned work down due to this. I'm happy walking out my front door, visiting the same places, doing the same things, posting pictures of my coffee and my dog and living an unedited, unfiltered, uncomplicated life.

And if something in here concerns you do feel free to contact me directly, if you're reading this you do actually have the means of finding me to tell me. If it's not your cup of tea, then I assume you're not reading this bit anyway and you've just scrolled on by.


  1. I don't understand some people. If I don't like something I scroll past, I wouldn't dream of complaining. I for one like what you share online. It's real life. x

  2. Why must people spend their time making others feel bad? So sorry to hear about your bad experiences.

  3. If they have a problem why don't they do a blog. You do what inspires you to write about x #pocolo

  4. Totally this - love the new hashtag! #PoCoLo