Saturday 11 June 2022

Week 23 One Daily Project and Project365 Northern Ireland

Hopefully I'm in Northern Ireland right now, if not, I'll have changed this intro, so assume I am. Who knows if I'll get back though on Sunday.

The cost of flights compared to pre Brexit and Covid days is astronomical. We've had enough of flying though apart from booking a trip to Australia this summer, we have no intentions of going anywhere else for the foreseeable future.

This time last year we were in hotel quarantine at Birmingham Airport.

154 Saturday Off out by 10.30am to the Forest of Dean for DIL's 30th party, I loaded a balloon arch into the car and unloaded the other end and assembled with only a handful of balloon casualties. Early arriving guests put the bunting up while The outlaws and I prepared the food and Peter helped son with the BBQ. I collected mum for a few hours, MIL, SIL, BIL and great nephew joined us all also. Our grandchild kept untying Peter's shoes to get him on the bouncy castle.

155 Sunday Into Worcester for a bit of shopping and a coffee and bumped into an old friend with her daughter for a lovely catch up. Home to watch the football (Peter) and me to tidy the craft room, alter a dress for my neighbours Mum, hoover the car and get ready for work in the morning. Flights booked. Video call with grandson.

156 Monday Swimming before work, the day went well although I did find myself trying to dry my hands under the paper towel holder thinking it was the air dryer. Evening spent sorting out my hand luggage for Friday, did some ironing, sorted out post and stamps, blogged and watched the soaps. The hills from upstairs.

157 Tuesday Lift to work as I had to collect my new glasses in the afternoon, we had coffee and Peter had brought the dog when he picked me up so they walked home while I collected my glasses, got my eye brows threaded and took advantage of the kids clothes sale in Morrisons. On the way home from work I broke up a fight with 20+ onlookers and growing, I managed to defused the situation, I felt quite vulnerable. Eventually a colleague came by and stopped to help me. I had the school to inform them of what had gone on and eventually went home. Evening spent watching TV in bed, while Peter watched the footbal.

158 Wednesday A lift to work and I was supposed to walk home but after yesterdays incident, I was angry that not one member of senior staff had bothered all day to ask if I was OK. I spent the evening doing some food shopping and a visit to the laundrette to dry the bedding as it had rained heavily, several times during the day. treated myself to some flowers.

159 Thursday I rode my bike to work for the first time. I walked most of the way home, then took Bob for a walk. Had an early bath and finished packing for tomorrow. Friend came round for chips and wine instead of Friday night as usual.

160 Friday Blood test in the morning and after work Peter drove me straight to Birmingham airport for my 19.55 flight. I got changed in the car.

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  1. I hope you made it safely to Northern Ireland.
    It sounds like your DIL had a great birthday. Those cakes look fab, especially the Minion one.
    Oh dear! That is horrible you had to break the fight up and rubbish no one asked how you were the day after. I do hope you are OK. x

  2. Happy birthday to your DIL. Lovely cakes! Group fights can be scary, no wonder you felt vulnerable but good on you for breaking it up!

  3. Those cakes look amazing. Hope you're feeling ok now after breaking up the fight. Not a great check in from colleagues.

    1. I now leave work a bit later each day to avoid any issues

  4. Hope your DIL enjoyed her 30th birthday celebrations. I love that your grandchild kept trying to get Peter to go on the bouncy castle. Well done on breaking up the fight. I’m not surprised you felt vulnerable getting involved. I’m so sorry that no-one bothered to check if you were okay the next day though. Hope you are okay and are having a lovely time in Northern Ireland. #project365

  5. We looked at going abroad, but the cost of flights priced us out. I don't think we will be going abroad anytime soon :( - well done on cycling to work, I have thought about it, but it's too hilly here

    1. There is one hill I have to walk up daily

  6. Hope your flight was smooth and you had a good time. Very brave of you to break up the fight. #project365