Saturday, 18 June 2022

Week 24 One Daily positive and Project365 Heatwave

So, are we loving this heat wave? I can take or leave it, although I do love being able to wear dresses and sandals to work. For years family and friends commented on how they'd love a bit of the sun we had from living in Dubai, but this is nothing like the heat over there. I can at least cycle and walk the dog and enjoy sitting outside and Peter has been working in the garden levelling off the lawn to build a shed base. The humidity in Dubai was horrendous and night time temps in the summer barely dropped below 35c, it was impossible to just sit and relax in, let alone do any work.

161 Saturday Off shopping mid morning then off to the Outlaws for dinner. So lovely spending time with our grandson for cuddles.

162 Sunday A long walk with dog, DIL and Grandson in the morning, then off to the shops for the afternoon, airport, flight, home and bed. Security queues at Belfast City Airport were about 6 minutes to go through. A bumpy flight, taking off sideways. Cabin crew on boarding said 'I'll not lie, it's bumpy up there'

163 Monday Back to work via swimming and a walk, home to wash and iron and do some gardening and remake the bed. BBQ for tea.

164 Tuesday Cycled to work and back then down to the retail park to do some shopping and get photos of the cat and dog printed for our eldest grandchild who is upset we're not bringing them to visit on the weekend. Garden watered, dinner and early bed. Bought myself a bug catcher kit for the little ones to play with when they visit.

165 Wednesday Walked home after work meeting Peter with Bob half way, we treated ourselves to ice creams. Neighbour with her children came round for the afternoon. I did nothing afterwards and was in bed by 9pm

166 Thursday Cycled to work and home and spent an hour on the bed under the fan. Garden watered, ironing done and TV watched. Rest of the evening spent blogging. Another neighbours 3 year old popped round to give Bob a carrot. Her mum ended up having to locate her in the house as she went off exploring.

167 Friday A hot day in work via a swim first thing and did a food shop on the way home. Peter went up the driving range in the evening. Really disappointed with the availability of Gluten Free products, the choices and portion sizes. Picked up the one on the right for me for next weekend and the other one for the kids.

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  1. I loved the little heatwave that we had, it has been a lot colder here today and now we have rain.
    Aww! Lovely photos of your grandson, he's growing fast. The bug catcher kit looks interesting, I am sure the kids will have fun with it. x

  2. I'm not a fan of the heat, but did cope ok this week (mainly because it's cool in the work corner I have). Love the pictures of your grandson. So cute.

  3. I find Sainsburys best for gluten-free cake (typically, my nearest is a 50 minute drive away!).