Thursday 8 December 2022

Preparing the garden for winter

I'm a bit late with this as we seem to be doing something every weekend and it's tricky to do too much after work as I don't get home till 4pm most days and it's dark within half an hour.

We bought some Bougainvillea shrubs in the spring and planted them as a hedge row. We had them everywhere in Dubai and South Africa and they look really pretty. 

The garden in Dubai.

However, in the UK they must be protected from frost and ideally brought inside or placed in a heated green house for winter. We don't have a green house or the space inside, so I popped into B&Q on the way home today and bought a poly tunnel for £19 and covered the ground underneath with hay. There's only one thing that can happen. We'll find out in the spring.

The bay tree has been covered and the rest of the plants will be put in the cold frame or the plastic green house.

There's nothing else left to do in the garden as we've put all the plants in pots while we have building work done and once that's finished, early Spring, we'll be redesigning the garden.

Temps aren't rising above 5c for the next week or so and there is snow forecast middle of next week, so hopefully I've done enough for now.


  1. I have given up with my garden for the year, I will start again in January. Good luck with Bougainvillea shrubs, it looks like you are doing your best to protect them.

    1. I'm done now for the year, nothing else will be done until after our extension is built in the spring