Monday 5 December 2022

Week 48 One Daily Positive and Project 365

The bed bug bites are doing my head in, the itching is waking me up. 

The garden is bothering me because I can't just get on with it as it's dark by the time I get home and weekends tend to be spent doing things outside the house, although this week there was a lot of cleaning on Saturday and Sunday.

The car went in for repairs, a new adblue tank is needed at the cost of £538. I contacted Citroen to ask why it was a product recall when there are so many issues/complaints online. I'm still waiting for a reply.

329 Saturday A lie in and morning spent putting up the Christmas decorations, had a bath around 3pm then popped out to buy Sunday dinner. We made an Amazon order for the last of the gifts.

I sorted the ornaments we've collected over the years, from our travels around the world.

330 Sunday A pj day and I cleaned the conservatory, lounge and dining room. Afternoon spent in the craft room wrapping gifts, then sat in the dining room to start addressing the Christmas cards. 

331 Monday A lie in as I had a GP appointment at 9am. After work I walked the dog and tidied the airing cupboard to make room for everything. Did some blogging after tea and finished the Christmas cards.

332 Tuesday Work and back via the shops. I saw one of the Teachers from school out walking his dogs and thought he reminded me of someone my son used to play football with (2014) I later confirmed it was him.

333 Wednesday Into work and lift. I wrote addresses on the Christmas cards, cleaned our bedroom and ensuite, cooked dinner and did some blogging. Car in for repairs. Christmas lights outside up.

334 Thursday Cycled to work and back via the GP at 8.40am. Evening spent in the attic sorting through and recycling my old teaching and study fields. 

Advent calendars ready for the morning.

335 Friday Got a lift to work and back, Peter collected the car. Evening spent with friend with chips and wine (tea for me) Car still not ready, now a problem with the dash board, so who knows if we needed a new tank or not. Peter collected a courtesy car for the weekend.

I'll tell you about #toiletgate next week.

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  1. Love your selection of decorations.They must bring back so many memories from over the years.

  2. The issue with the car must be so annoying. It seems that the age of the car is not an indicator of how well it works either.
    Your tree looks lovely, you have quite a lot of flags in your decorations, that's fun. I imagine they have a sort of meaning, from holidays or something similar.

    1. The car is in the hands of Citroen now. The decorations are collected from our travels around the world

  3. Oh wow that is an expensive repair for the car! The decorations looks great.

    1. Hopefully Citroen will be paying the costs as they've had the car 2 weeks now and it still isn't fixed

  4. All your ornaments are so interesting. You are so organised when it comes to everything Christmas. I still have all of the wrapping to do. x

  5. Toiletgate, the mind boggles! Love your well travelled ornaments, great to remember your trips. All those pressies wrapped already, well done! #project365

  6. Well done on the Christmas wrapping. I have started but not finished it. We have ornaments from our travels too, love looking at them

    1. as soon as Christmas ended we were onto birthdays

  7. Love your Christmas decorations. Sorry to hear about the problem with the car, hope it’s all sorted out now. #project365