Monday 29 May 2023

Week 21 One Daily Positive and Project 365

Isn't this weather lovely? Trouble is I go outside and just don't come back in and over do it in the garden, then still have stuff to do in the house, so go to bed later and ended up with a migraine, my first since Christmas. I really need to take note of this and slow myself down.

Blood test results are back in. Vitamin B and D plus folate at normal levels. Ferritin still on the decline, another blood test in June. I asked the haematology department if I should stop taking the supplements but their answer was to talk to the GP. Have to wait till June 20th to do so, so I assume I just carry on taking them until told to stop.

142 Sunday We were up early with a phone call with our son in Australia, so got up and headed to Worcester for a coffee and a food shop. My friend and I down the road, popped between each others houses with plants and seedlings to swop. We took Bob for a walk in the afternoon to let him run off lead in the park and home to make soup for lunch and cottage pie for the freezer and some cakes. I had an early bath and to bed as I felt a migraine coming on.

143 Monday I didn't go into work today due to the migraine, which turned out to have its pros and cons. Sadly we heard around 6am that Peters Uncle had died so he headed off to spend the day with his mum, bringing her back around 6pm to spend the rest of the week with us. I'd forgotten the builders were back today to fix the drainage so was able to let them in, however the noise of the digging etc didn't help my head much, they were gone by 1pm. I pottered around, watched TV and the neighbour called in with her children after school and we sat in the garden. 

Drainage now sorted.

144 Tuesday Blood test on the way to work and afterwards took the cat for her annual jab, we had coffee out and wandered around a few shops in Worcester. I went swimming 8-9pm.

145 Wednesday After work I walked into town, had a coffee, took some books back to the library, volunteered at the youth club and Peter collected me at 7pm. I baked a lemon cake, read a bit and was in bed by 9pm.

146 Thursday After work it was home to sort out the garden, do a food shop, fetch the cot and high chair out the attic and repack the cupboard under the stairs, Peter will just have to finish the end of next week.

This beautiful gift arrived from my friend in South Africa today. She made it along with a pair of slippers, which sat in her cupboard for the past two years waiting for someone she knew to travel to the UK to post it on. 

147 Friday I thought child 2, his wife and our grandchild were arriving on Saturday morning, but they left Belfast last night and arrived while I was in work. I got a lift home as we'd arranged to visit child 1, so Peter took his mum for a visit. 

148 Saturday We went to Worcester for coffee and shopping whilst grandson and his entourage met up with DILs Aunt and Uncle near by. Home to chill for the afternoon but not possible with a household. Cooked a roast and ate outside, then hid myself away for an hour to blog and read.

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  1. Yep! I am the same, the work in the house is being neglected due to me enjoying myself out in the garden too much.
    Oh no, so sorry about Peters Uncle. Sending love and hugs.
    I am glad you have got your drainage sorted and how lovely of your friend to send a gift. x

    1. Thank you. It was an unexpected gift from my friend

  2. Sorry to hear about Peter's uncle. Glad the drainage is fixed now.
    Sounds like a really busy week with visitors and everything else going on.

    1. Thank you. It's been exhausting but we've loved having a house full

  3. Finally some warmer weather! Lovely to have family visit and receive unexpected gifts. #project365

  4. Sorry to hear about your migraine and about Peter’s uncle. Your library looks like it’s in a beautiful spot. What a gorgeous gift from your friend in South Africa and how lovely to have child 2, his wife and your grandson visiting. #project365