Sunday 21 May 2023

Week 20 One Daily Positive and Project 365

This week Peter has been fixing squeaky stairs, re plastering the cupboard under the stairs and will be putting up shelves next week. Another job ticked off. We're also doing some work in the garden, getting ready to dismantle the old shed. The patio will be finished next week after the builders have come back to sort out a drainage issue, Peter is also going to panel the brick wall underneath the veranda where the old conservatory was attached to the house. Then I'm hoping we can start work on the downstairs loo with a new toilet, sink and proper storage. 

I've decided it's time to push through the fatigue and the pain and resumed swimming a couple of weeks ago. I'm doing more around the house and getting on with things. I don't feel any more fatigued or any more in pain and regardless of rest nothing is getting better.

135 Sunday A lazy morning, dog walk and off to meet friends at The Three Counties RHS Spring Show. We enjoyed a couple of hours walking round, buying cheese and generally just chilling. Friends came back for the late afternoon and evening spent watching TV.

One of the many floral displays.

136 Monday I walked to work, 2.5 miles, my student wasn't in so I was deployed to other classes, got a lift home. We measured up for out next project outside, Peter recovered the bike shed and I finished making our grandsons blanket. Cleaned the craft room windows and hung some new curtains. Next doors almost 2 year old was still awake at 9.30pm so was passed over the fence and I got her to sleep taking her to her own bed at 10pm, 

Year 8 art today.

137 Tuesday Peter picked me up and we called in at the retail park for a coffee. I did some shopping and Peter walked Bob home. I went swimming in the evening and swam 43 lengths in my 30 minutes. I'm currently reading The Famous Five. I've set a reading challenge with one of my mentees at school and we're reading the same book to look for differences on how childhood was different to ours.

I made some birthday cards.

138 Wednesday Took the car to work and straight home to sort the bike shed. Evening spent reading, blogging, wrapping gifts and writing the cards I made.

I can finally access both sides of the house, can't wait to get back riding my bike.

139 Thursday After work I spent some time in the loft sorting through stuff to keep, sell, donate. I went swimming and managed 53 lengths in the 30 mins.

Loving this warmer weather.

140 Friday Used the crates with lids to rearrange the under cupboard stuff. Peter treated me and my friend to a take out instead of chips, then collected neighbour from work at 11pm.

This is how I rocked up to collect the neighbour at 11pm, thankfully no one around.

141 Saturday Several loads of washing went in, on the line, including the bedding. Spent the rest of the day sorting through the sheds and creating a pile for the tip, ready to dismantle the larger shed next week. Planted out some seedlings and cut back the shrubs in the front garden.

I've no idea when or why I was blocked but it must've been a while ago.

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  1. Fancy getting blocked by Schofe! :D I once got blocked by Boy George (I only made a joke about his hat, but it obviously wasn't appreciated!).

  2. That's funny that you were blocked by Schofield. Glad you're getting back into your swimming. That's good going with the number of lengths. The spring show sounds good. I must remember to check when local ones near us are.

  3. It sounds like Peter has been busy with all of the DIY. I could do with him to come and fix our squeaky stairs, it's a job we never seem to get around to. Good on you for powering through the fatigue, it sounds like you are getting more done but not feeling any worse for it.
    That is so lovely that you helped out getting next doors child asleep and reading the book with one of the students at school sounds interesting. I would say my childhood was more like the Famous Five. hehehe
    Ahh! Crocs are so ugly but they're so comfy! I have some that I wear around the house and garden but wouldn't be seen out in public with them on. lol
    hahaha! That did make me chuckle that Schofe has blocked you.

    1. crocs are the best and I'm not ashamed tog go out in them although I probably should be lol

  4. Whatever did you say to get you blocked??? Well done to your husband for all the DIY - wish mine was as handy, we need the bathroom re-sealed but he doesn't know how to do it

    1. I've no idea, must've been a while ago. Hubby is retired and the house is his retirement project, he spends a lot of time on YouTube finding how how to do things

  5. Did it all start to go wrong after he blocked you...?! I have never read the Famous 5 but did buy a boxset so need to find time to read them. #project365

    1. I think it's been a downward spiral for a while with him

  6. That floral display at the Three Counties show is beautiful. Glad you feel able to resume swimming and doing a bit more although sorry to hear that things aren’t getting any better for you. It sounds like you had a productive week. Love the birthday cards you made. #project365