Monday 22 May 2023

My Spring Garden

We've spent a lot of time and money in the house since we came back with a new kitchen and extension and the garden and out door space has been ignored other than a new shed, mowing the lawn and piling up gravel, bricks, sand and soil.

We're having to wait for the builders to return to sort out the drainage from the roof as they haven't connected the down pipe into the drains, so when we have heavy rain the patio area floods and we can't finish it as they need to dig the area up.

I've got space now to hang the washing outside again.

The two sheds on the left will be coming down soon and then we can start building raised beds. The table and chairs are under the covered area and we've eaten outside a couple of times.

I've started doing some work in the front garden with planting a new hedge. The bougainvillea may have survived the winter under cover.

I've planted a variety of herbs both inside and out, the basil is doing really well.

Last years Chard




I tend to spend more time tidying up than I do actual gardening.

The wreath is back on the front door.

After all the rain the lawn is looking really green, there's little grass there, mainly weeds and moss.

We also visited the Three Counties Show to get some ideas and with the 3 bank holidays and nicer weather I've been enjoying being outside. It's half term next week and I'm hoping for quite a transformation in the back garden.


  1. I've longed for a transformation of my garden for years now. We are getting there incredibly slowly. I really hope we can make better progress this year. I like your new shed! I hope you get your drain problem fixed soon.

    1. drainage all sorted, next is shed down and garden landscaped

  2. Love your wreath! Gosh, that flooding isn't great when it rains, hope the builders can get that sorted asap! The garden is the least maintained area at my house, you have inspired me to sort it out! Sim x #PostCommentLove

  3. Sometimes I think gardening is outside housework but I do love the results usually! I love the idea of repurposing teapots. Do you plant herbs in them or use them purely for display? #pocolo