Sunday 7 May 2023

Week 18 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I was feeling so much better on Saturday after taking the anti inflammatories, but by Monday I was exhausted again. I over did things trying to get the house ready for the weekend visit and playing with our grandchild.

I’ve been watching a bit more of mainstream TV. I’m a celeb, South Africa and all the coverage of the Kings Coronation. I’ll be tuning into Eurovision next week. 

Peter has put the skirting boards in and painted them as well as sealing the windows on the side to tidy up the paint work. All the furniture has filled up the dining room and spilled into the lounge again.

121 Sunday We went to the park, a walk round town looking at the Well dressings then had a roast. Peter took grandchild out on their scooter then they watched Buzz Lightyear with a huge bowl of popcorn and I sat in the new room reading. Watched TV after they left, a bath then bed.

Well dressing.

122 Monday Peter cut, painted and fixed the skirting boards. But first I emptied the new room into the lounge and dining room, helped him lift 3 pieces of skirting board 4.2ms long, booked his flight and accommodation etc for his trip to Turkey, then walked the dog, read my book, did the ironing, washing and cooked dinner. Apparently I was to have a slow day as my Achilles is hurting and I've been working hard all weekend. 

Left overs for tea.

123 Tuesday Late into work after Vit B jab, but it was strike day and my student is on revision leave. Evening spent blogging, dog walking, and watching TV.

So lucky to have this open space within a 10 minute walk of home.

124 Wednesday My first day invigilating for A Level mocks. 3 hours is a long time to sit still and not do anything. Dog walk and coffee stop after work. Evening spent reading and watching TV. 

Beautiful Bluebells.

125 Thursday More invigilating. I mislaid some confidential documents today. I was convinced I had not taken them out of the office. I have a student bag that does not leave the room. At the end of the day they were discovered in another student bag that doesn't leave the room either. It appears I'd slipped the file in the wrong bag under the desk. Phew. We walked Bob and stopped at the Polling station, had dinner, a bath, watched tv and bed. 

The last time Bob and I was at a polling station it was at an informal settlement in Mamelodi, South Africa.

126 Friday In to work late after my Vit B jab. After work I went to a Death Cafe where people sit and talk about death. It's not a bereavement or counselling session. 

Feeling lovely having longer evenings and brighter days.

127 Saturday Bunting went up, tea and cake in endless supply, day spent watching the Coronation, reading and just chilling out. We popped into Worcester in the afternoon for a coffee.

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  1. This past week or so I seemed to have watched more normal TV too. I am loving I'm a Celeb but not the big cliffhanger endings. Hmmf.
    The well dressings are pretty and how good to have such a great bit of open space so close to you. x

  2. Wow, those dressings are quite something. Must be so tedious invigilating. That's a long time to just sit/walk/watch

    1. Thankfully the invigilating is over until November

  3. Glad you were feeling better on Sunday but sorry that you were exhausted again by Monday. That’s a very interesting looking well. What a lovely open space near your home. The view is beautiful. Those bluebells are beautiful too. One of my favourite things about this time of year. The wreath on your door is gorgeous. #project365

    1. Thank you lousy, I love have both he countryside and the city near by

  4. I have loved I'm a Celeb although I have to admit that I wanted to have some say in the winner as wanted Jordan to win, although happy for Myleene

    1. I was happy for Myleene but I really wanted Toff to win

  5. Love bluebells! I didn't watch Im a celeb each night as initially forgot about it. We then binge watched it all on catch up although I found out who the winner was via social media.

  6. Beautiful wreath and bluebells. That must have been so worrying about the lost paperwork! #project365

    1. my brain just isn't working properly these days