Sunday 20 August 2023

Week 33 One Daily Positive and Project 365 The Hunter Valley and Nelsons Bay.

Bob has been poorly again since we've been away and the neighbour had to take him to the vets this week. Vet says something wrong with his abdomen, but happy to accept we don't want tests/scans etc and that at 13 years of age, Bob doesn't have much time left and there's no point trying to prolong his life. We're happy for him to have meds to make sure he isn't suffering and fingers crossed we can keep him going till we get back and can make the decision on whether to carry on month to month with the anti sickness meds or make the decision to put him to sleep.

A bonus picture this week from neighbour after the vets, she was told he could only go in the store if she put him in the trolley and he seems happy enough.

We're having the most amazing time in Australia with our son. The time has gone so quickly, with just a few days left in Australia before we get to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

226 Sunday We went on the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Watson Bay. The City 2 Surf 14km was in full swing and we couldn't access the beach to start our walk with the finishing line, so after battling our way through the runners who had finished, we finally found somewhere to cross the road and start our walk. We saw a whale and some dolphins form the cliff tops and there were fabulous views of Sydney.

A Rainbow Lorikeet

227 Monday checked out the accommodation and son drove us to the Hunter Valley for 2 nights. The views from our accommodation were spectacular and there were kangaroos on the golf course and outside the front door. We stopped for lunch on the way and Peter cooked in the evening.

Peter finally saw Kangaroo's he was starting to think we were making them up.

228 Tuesday Woke with a migraine, but as we needed a designated driver for the day for wine tasting it worked out well. I did sniff and sip the wine though. We had lunch, a cheese tasting then evening in the accommodation watching TV. Message from the UK, Bob was unwell again. I phoned the vets and the neighbour took him in. 

229 Wednesday A lazy morning as check out wasn't until 11am. We drove to Nelsons Bay until the end of the week. Lovely accommodation with a view of the sea, we wandered around the town, I had my nails done and a coffee while Peter and Jamie had lunch and fetched our bags from the car. We went out for the evening to watch the football and have dinner.

These Pelicans are the size of a small child

230 Thursday Drove along the coast to Tomaree Mountain which we climbed for the most spectacular views, we had lunch at Anna Bay the start of Birubi Beach and sand dunes. We explored the rock pools.

231 Friday Took myself out for coffee while hubby and son had a lie in, breakfast and a shower. I finally caught up with all my blog commenting and managed to schedule a few posts.

232 Saturday Said goodbye to Nelson Bay, after coffee and watching the fish being fed in the harbour and drove back into Sydney, collected the rest of our stuff from our son's place and he drove us to Bondi Beach where we're staying for the rest of our stay. We explored the laundrette and ate out before an early night.

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  1. Oh no! That is rotten news about Bob. Sending love and hugs. Him in the trolley did make me smile.
    It sounds like you have been having a great time in Australia. I am so glad Peter finally got to see some Kangaroo's. hahaha. x

    1. we saw so many kangaroos after that, Peter was sick of them

  2. It sounds like you're having a wonderful trip. I'm so sorry to hear about Bob. I do hope he's OK.

  3. Oh no, hope Bob's still holding on. Sounds and looks like your trip has been amazing. So nice to hear about some different places I don't know

  4. Oh poor Bob, that must be worrying for you with being away. Love the photos of the rainbow lorikeet and the kangaroos. I didn’t realise pelicans were so big. The view from Tomaree Mountain is stunning. #project365

  5. Poor Bob, I hope the meds keep him out of pain. Fab photos of your trips and adventures. #project365

  6. Awww poor Bob, a great age but so hard regardless when they are unwell. Especially when your so far away, sending you a much needed hug! Lovely photos of the wildlife on your holiday.