Saturday 8 June 2024

2024 Week 23 - One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day.


155  Monday Back to work after a week off. One of my students didn't turn up. A busy day at the computer and form filling with students for exam provisions and when I got home I was in a lot of pain with my hips and back from sitting. I went to bed to read, had a long soak in the bath.

156  Tuesday Awake and up at 2am in a lot of pain in my hips, back to bed at 3am and I did manage some sleep. Blood test before work, then out in the afternoon for an hour for my first physio session. Set up for students exam then homework club after school.

157  Wednesday A level RPE exam in the morning, coffee after work with friends. I received a letter in my pigeon hole today to say I wasn't having my contract renewed in September, my line manager was as stunned as I was, he'd not been told despite having put in a proposal to retain me and two others. The evening was spent in a WhatsApp group. I'm gutted.

158  Thursday Homework club after school, followed by a visit to the post office and a coffee with a friend/colleague from work with Peter joining us. Home to do some ironing and pack for my trip to Paris. Another colleague and his wife popped round for a drink, then I had a video call with my cousin in the States, bath and bed.

159  Friday Finished work 30 mins early after setting up for Mondays exam and off to the airport. Despite all the news stories about the security queues I walked straight through without a hitch. After security, I sat and read my book. I'm visiting my friend who is in Paris for a week from South Africa with work. I've not seen her since November 2019.

It felt like only 5 minutes since we'd seen one another.

160  Saturday Up early and out on our feet all day. We walked 15 miles. Joe Biden was in Paris and with the Olympic preparations, half the city was closed to pedestrians and traffic. We visited The Louvre, had lunch at a street cafe, a Champagne cruise on the Seine and finished the evening at Montparnasse watching the sun set over the city.

161  Sunday Up early. 10 miles walked today. Off to Sacre Coeur and climbed to the top. Lunch stop and a visit to Galleries Layfeyette rooftop for another stunning view of Paris. Afternoon spent drinking on the banks of the canal where we were staying, before saying our goodbyes and parting at Gare de Nord station. 

Late flight home and Peter collected me from Birmingham airport. 

Books read this week: The Bullet that missed - Richard Osman

Words written towards book: 0 I've been letter writing and filling in job application forms this week.

Clothes bought: 0

On the blog this week: Days out in the camper van in May

What's made me happy this week: Paris

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  1. It sounds like a busy Monday at school, not really what you need after a week off.
    Oh no! That is rotten that your contract is not being renewed! I am so sorry.
    I hope you had a fab time in Paris! x

    1. Paris was amazing, I really enjoyed my time there and the weather was perfect

  2. Oh that's frustrating with your contract finishing. Fingers crossed you find something that suits soon. Paris sounds fun. I'd quite like to take N for a short break there as we've never been.

    1. You really should go if you, it wasn't a cheap trip, but it was easy to do