Monday 24 June 2024

My Garden in June

After a visit to Gardener's World 2 weeks ago, there has been much inspiration for the garden and quite a lot achieved.

Peter is going to build me one of these for the bins, but without doors.

I've thinned out and repotted the succulents with the intention of growing them on top of the bin tidy.

Then I saw this at Gardeners' World and want to do this instead.

I've taken a lot of inspiration from this show garden.

The second smaller shed finally came down. It's amazing how much space we now have in the garden.

It was reduced to 3 large sacks for the tip.

A green house was purchased and erected. It was an easy build.

And looks so much better than this temporary one I've had for 4 years.

Compost and new pots were purchased with my birthday money and more cucumber, pea, bean and courgette plants from the students at work were purchased now they have a home, safe from the slugs and snails we seem to be over run with this year. Plants from our trip were potted up.

No idea what this plant is but I loved the colour so bought it.

Next up is the construction of the raised beds. We're in two minds as to have them uniformed and fill this gap as per the plan or go a bit rouge and have random shapes. I'm so looking forward to getting rid of all this excess soil and remove the conifer to create a new path.

We still have the sun umbrella to be erected (it's been lying in the lounge for months) At least the sun has been out recently, which makes a nice change.

We're still undecided about the front garden. I'm considering clearing the bed under the window and moving the fig tree there and train it along the wall, similar to what my friend has done at her house with a different plant.

In the rest of the garden there has been a crop of potatoes.

The side of the house has been tidied up. This is the before shot.

There have been BBQs, letter writing and reading taking place in the garden.

I had some lovely gifts from my friend in South Africa.

And I finally identified the pink flowers that have been growing in gardens I've owned for many years.

How's your summer garden going?


  1. My garden is a mess and I can't do anything about it :( My eldest son had a go at mowing the lawn and cutting the hedge, but he won't use the hedgecutter (he's autistic and it scares it) and he managed to break my shears. I can't even get down the side of my house at the moment. I'd love something to make my bins look prettier too, atm they are just stuck right outside the front of my house. They used to be down the side but my son won't go down there to take them out like my ex used to. Enough about my garden though, yours is really coming along. The removal of the shed really has made so much more room as I'm sure the removal of the conifer. Good luck, can't wait to see the end results.

    1. is there a gardening scheme near you that could help out?

  2. It sounds like the visit to Gardener's World has given you lots of inspiration!
    I would love a little shed for our wheelie bins, to hide them away. Using a ladder is a great idea to store plants on and there is so much space now without the sheds. There is a lot of snails and slugs this year, a lot more than usual.
    My garden is not going well after being neglected for a few days, obviously those days were the hottest of the year. Ugh! Hopefully they will get over their lack of water.

    1. I'm thinking that an old ladder would be great for storing pots of herbs on